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No IW No Cry

No more IW. Forever.

Forever sounds really good. It sounds perfect. It just felt really good to look at my blue card and all the boxes had been filled up. Four cards filled up and I realize how long I've been in school.

We actually had candlelight practice this afternoon and it dawned on me just how short my time is in school. We'll be there for a one more menstrual cycle (28 days).

I won't miss IW, lab reports, and of course, Talaban, but I will really miss my friends. I'm going through people's Multiplys and going through pictures (instead of studying for Physics), is making me really sad. It isn't helping that I'm listening to Greatest Story Ever Told by Oliver James (don't laugh! I ♥ this song) either.

I'm going to miss my barkada, my class, my table, 6, 7, 8, my pseudo barkadas, my club... I if I even dare to list everyone I'm going to miss and why, I think I just might cry. One day, before graduation, I think I shall dedicate an entire entry to all the people I'm going to miss.

For now, this will have to do. Physics is calling and I need to answer. I need to bring up my grade, desperately.

i'm really going to miss you guys!!!
Tags: high school friends, high school senior
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