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I went to mass with my mom and Pamy because supposedly the UPCAT results would be out right about now. That obviously didn't happen. At least, I hope not, because I for one, am not ready to hear the results.

The point is, there was this foreigner looking dude in the next pew. I'm usually afraid of foreigners when there isn't very many of them (like say if I'm abroad), but this one, looked really HOT!!! He had really nice hair and he was wearing a white polo that had it's sleeves jujed. He was tall and his slacks fit him well and his profile was just to die for.

I know that I was supposed to be praying, and I really was, but I'm sure God won't kill me for appreciating his creation. This guy just blew me away. Then it got me and Pamy thinking, why is this guy here?

I saw him when I went to mass for my birthday and now he's here again. These are the weekday masses too, where barely anyone shows up at mass asides from the old ladies and the priest, and yet here he was.

I was thinking, how perfect can this guy get. According to the prophecy I got out of Iza's birthday cake, I am supposed to meet my boyfriend abroad. Yet the fortune could have implied that I would get an un-local boy. Yes, this guy is not a boy, but he's no grandfather or father either... or was he?

But this guy knelt down awfully long during the prayers and he would close his eyes during the Gospel and he really looked very very very very into the mass. I finally get a glimpse of his feet -- he was wearing sandals (which just happen to be the dead give away of either a missionary or a seminarian, or at least I think this way), and it hit me! He was a seminarian (a Father-to-be)! This guy was off limits. This was going to be one of my forbidden loves. And yet, I couldn't tear my eyes off this guy.

I've had really fugly crushes recently, so this guy is a breather. A breath of fresh air to my aesthetically pleasant looking crush-deprived self. And he's a Man of God too. How great of a choice is that? My crazy sister has already dared me to come up to him next time and ask him if he is indeed a man of the cloth-to be. And really, I'm up for it. I might as well ask him. He looks really nice and he goes to mass after all -- he can't brush me off for some lunatic.

I haven't watched El Crimen de Padre Amaro, but I have this feeling that it was a very interesting movie.
Tags: guilty crushes, parents, religion, siblings
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