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Reality Check

I hadn't had that much fun in ages. Last night, at the much anticipated debut of Gela, who looked so freaking fantabulous, I danced and danced and danced.

Thanks to Joshua for helping me find a safety pin for my skirt. Apparently, it was too long and I was just deadly afraid of it falling off or tripping on it during the dance. The treasures, and margaritas were so sweet. Everyone seemed to have a really great memory with Gela, and it was really sweet. The video was really nice too! Her sisters messages and her parents made me want to cry. And there was a clip of her dancing with her dad and it was just so touching.

Unfortunately, the cotillion was right after the video and we were caught unaware. We weren't even able to practice for the last time before we humiliated ourselves. The host called us and no one wanted to stand up! Finally, Kristoff became the bravest and stood up. Eventually, everyone else followed suit. The cotillion was so funny! I was laughing the entire time. Maam Lydia must have wanted to kill me.

Janna caught it on film

But the best surprise came from Cathy and Emman. I didn't see it happen, but it was caught on tape and film and everyone else seemed to see it. When she was attempting to do her waltz turn, Emman's cuff link got caught in her hair! It must have been a nightmare for them, but it got sorted out eventually.

Vincent and I committed a mistake too. Hopefully, it wasn't that noticeable. Still, it was the last time we were ever going to do that routine, so I tried giving it my all. Sure, it was really embarrassing, especially with the lights and the many many people watching, but I learned to ignore them by looking up or down (still with my chin up!). It was really cool though.

I took so many pictures, but here are few that summarize the night.

Gela gorgeous and me

Vicnent, me, Gelo & Joshua

Hani and me

Cathy and me

Monesca (early bird) and me

Klar and me after cotillion

Anj, my bro, and me

me and Rosc sexy

me and Andrew (not the man)

me and Sam (the man)

Sam, Klar and me

David (sub), me and Gela

for more of Gela's debut, click here

If this were last week, I'd be at Celebrity practicing for the cotillion, and playing killers, and card games and name the movie games, but instead I'm at home, supposedly doing work for school. Now I have more time for school work, but no more excuse for not doing work or being too tired to do them. I'm going to miss practicing for cotillion. I really will.
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