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At the Pen again

Kaye's debut was the best! It was so much fun and I didn't get tired or sleepy. It was just short enough and there was always something going on. She danced with her brothers, a DI, her dad. Her parents even had a number. It was really well prepared and whoever said that the debutante couldn't dance was talking shit, because she was AMAZING!!! Our cotillion teacher would be put to shame for correcting Kaye all the time, because she is a natural!

I went with Jo and it was so fun walking around Peninsula and finally coming down the grand staircase in the best ever lobby. I felt like such a girl last night and it just felt really good.

I was seated with Klar,Haddie, Iza, Dani, and Rosssssssc. It was just fun to get all dressed up for something. Everyone was in their prom dresses and it was like a flashback to the prom. Exact same place -- except without dates and all the drama and anxiety, so it ended up being really nice.

Of course, Gela came late, but she looked so good in her yellow dress that it didn't matter! She was so SEXY! Yes, you are so not fat! Stop putting yourself down, because I've got the pictures to prove you wrong.

How could I even forget Cathy, who looked real pretty too in her pink dress and she looked so demure. Of course, Mama and Papa were there too. It was a family affair for sure.

The host of sorts was a tad rude and tactless at times. She interrupted practically everyone and had the most absurd and uncalled for comments, but in the end, I realized that she was like extra entertainment. No matter how annoying she got, she surely had everyone's attention -- waiting for her to screw up or insults somone else.

Jo and I, the early birds

Cathy and I at their table 13

Klar, Janna and I at our real table

Gela - crazy, sexy, cool in her yellow frock with me

Kaye - the gorgeous debutante with many talents like dancing with me, Haddie and Iza

me seated (where?) :D

for more of Kaye's debut, click here

And I don't know if it's just me, but some boys men look really good in the entire coat and tie get up. If only I could get all hot guys to wear suits every single day, I would die. Of course the suit has to fit well and the guy should be suave and confident enough to pull it off. My favorite part is when the pants fit so well and the length is just exact that it doesn't crinkle at the bottom near their shoes. I find it extremely sexy too when the guy (wearing the perfect suit and looking wonderfully delicious) sits down and his well-fitting pants rise a bit exposing a slither of black-sock - covered ankles. Black socks are the way to go, especially when it's sandwiched in between the cuff of the nice pants and shiny black leather shoes.

I was dying half the time, because some guys have such broad shoulders that look really really really really great in suits. Only some guys, of course.
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