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I saw the sun... finally

The sun is finally shining. Well, it's not shining as brightly as I'd hope it would, but so far, it hadn't rained since 1 am, then again, I'm not one to talk. Who knows what's going to happen? But I'm not complaining either. I'm one day behind my writing schedule and that's not too bad because I've been behind before, but the fact that I have three days left is scaring me. Still, I know that I can do this. All I have to do is hole myself up in my sister's room (where the computer I use for typing my story is) and pray that I am able to have the discipline to not get up from the seat and bum around the house. I can do this. Just a little patience.

I woke up this morning, well not really morning because it was nearly noontime and I was feeling refreshed as ever. There was something about the morning that actually made me want to get up. I, of course, lazed around on the bed for a good ten minutes, but after that I was just up and about. Not too bad for me, because it usually takes me thirty minutes to an hour to actually get up from the bed. Not very good for school time, but I still have a few days to lounge around before I have to start working. I popped in my Avril Lavigne cd and I just played "Things I'll Never Say." I love that song. I'm not really an Avril fan, but I like her music. It's so sad how people keep putting artists up against each other, when they're all just trying to give their music to the public.

Anyway, back to my day, so far... I just love the lyrics of that song because I feel like dancing whenever I hear it. I know that it's not really a dancing song, but I just like the vibe of it. It shows that Avril is just a teenager too who just wants to get the attention of some guy. So, I get off my ass and I do the morning stuff and I head to where my brothers are... in front of the television of course. I see this morning show where there are a bunch of comedians and there are two midgets. Now, the funny thing is they look exactly alike, but they're not even related. Are all midgets supposed to look alike? They were really entertaining though. I have nothing against them.

I ate lunch and now I'm typing this. I have to get going soon, because I have to type, remember? Oh, and I finally got to watch the replay of Alias at like 11:30 pm last night and can I just say YEAH! I know that Vaughn and Sydney are eventually going to hook up, but can I just say that I cannot wait that long! Will's really pitiful. He should seriously stop interfering with the whole SD-6 thing before he gets killed. And of course, Jennifer Garner looked amazing. All in a day's work for her, I guess.

I'm going to be an agent one day... yeah right!
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