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Hopefully A Lazy Girl No More

I'm obsessed with awards shows, or so I say. Then I thought about it, and I've only really followed the Academy Awards. This doesn't exactly make me an awards show buff, right? So last night, instead of reviewing for the Inferno session test (which was a KILLER, by the way), I watched my very first Golden Globe Awards.

To sum it up, it was straight to the point! Unlike the Oscars, there weren't too many advertisements, and the awards were given out one after the other. Not too many extras that didn't really matter. I really liked watching it, especially since it wasn't so dragging. And everyone looked so great! The dresses were fabulous and they had every right to flaunt because they had very nice bodies.

Before I got obsessed with Anne Hathaway, I was really into Jennifer Garner. This girl just literally kicked ass! With Alias and all her other movies, I was really amazed at how well-toned her body was. And it's obvious that she really works hard for it. You don't get that body overnight. Though sometimes she looked like a man, her face kind of showed she was still female. And last night proved that she still looks great.

She really inspires me to exercise. Unlike waif thin people, she doesn't make me want to starve myself, instead, she makes me want to work hard and persevere. I read somewhere that she wakes up an hour earlier just to run on the treadmill! So much for sleeping in. I really want to start exercising again, but I'm just so lazy. I have so much school work to attend to and I use it as an excuse not to do things, but really I'm here seated in front of the computer. My ass probably getting big, and the only thing getting strained are my eyes.

Not very good at all. I was looking back on my prom pictures and I was a bit thinner. This means, I can do it! I just need motivation! I need inspiration! But where do I find it? I don't want it to be a guy, because that just wouldn't be very feasible right now. I promise that starting tomorrow, I'm going to be more aware of what I eat and what I do. I'm going to try to get exercise as much as I can, and I won't be too negative about my body. I will be patient and persistent.

Moving on, it's our retreat tomorrow and sure, I'm excited, but I'm also feeling a bit weird about it. It's because this year, their telling us that we don't really have to go to our retreat. Apple isn't going and that made me rethink this. Do I really want to go? Or do I just go every year because it's a requirement? Still, I'm psyched for it. It's going to be the longest retreat I've been to and it'll be odd relying on the bare essentials considering our bags have dimensions of 1 ft x 1 ft.

Oh well, I've got to pack and write a ton of palancas! This is what watching Man Hunt instead of doing the palancas does to me! So much for changing habits.
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