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Brush, Step, Turn and Curtsy

To Hannah, the most responsible president, and most generous friend, I just want to greet you a very Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for all the wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful memories. You are a truly fantabulous girl. I wish you all the best!
I ♥♥♥ you

Cotillion. Like in the OC, we have to dance with partners, except we're not in all white (thank god!). If only Ben Mackenzie were dancing with me. I'm not complaining though, partner. Our teacher was kind of freaky. It's our second meeting, and I thought it was really impressive that we got our steps right already. She's a real strict person and I'm a tad scared of her. I was just saying where we were in the line and she suddenly tells me to shut up because she's running the show.

I got a bit embarrassed, but it's all good. She must be a damn great teacher, if she's taught 200 cotillions and not a single one has committed a mistake, as she claims. I'm actually really excited for Gela's huge debut! I've never had something to do in debuts and now, I'm in the cotillion. I even had my dress made and I'm really excited about it. It's green and I've never had a style like this. Then again, I only have one gown. And even if my partner only showed up today, and late at that, we got a hang of things.

I hope we don't mess it up. That would be even more embarrassing.
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