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Electricity rocks!

Can someone spell unfair? I'm supposed to be on summer and we are experiencing power shortages, or commonly known as brown-out! It's just so unfair that when I'm supposed to be lazing in my bed and listening to the radio, I can't do that, because there's no electricity. I'm so glad that it's finally back! I have to type and type and type. I have two days left to finish my story if I want to retain the deadline I set upon myself.

You know what sucks? We were watching Alias and then the brown-out happened. Sloane was about to talk to Sydney and we weren't able to see what they were going to talk about. Thank god there's power now and that the cable is functioning. Also, thank god AXN has replays. I don't know what I would do. We're going to watch CSI later too so that should be interesting. Actually Alias was supposed to be on yesterday, but because of the power shortage, we weren't able to watch it.

This whole brown-out thing made me really think of how much I take electricity for granted. It was so freaking dark in the house despite the fact that it's usually so bright. Then, I remembered that I rely on electricity so much, I didn't even realize it's important. Now, I'm not going to go into how much electricity is essential, because I pretty much know that, but I'm just going to have to pity the people who lived in times where electricity didn't even exist. How the hell did they take a bath in the dark?

Oh well, I'm praying that this lasts for a longer time because I refuse to get the hang of typing and then have the computer shut down on me. Not exactly my past time. My grandmother is here now and she brought mango float with her. Dayum! That thing should be illegal, because once I took a slice, I couldn't put down my fork. That's not good either because I'm supposed to be on a diet. I have to fit into a prom dress in ten months and that's not helping at all. Thank god my brothers finished the entire thing. (I'm missing the mango float though)

My parents are still on vacation and I really think that we should be there with them. At least, we'd have electricity and we would have a summer trip. Not that I'm really dying to get out of the city, but I just wanted to go with them. I feel better thought because my dad told me today that they bought me bed sheets. It's light green and white checkered with daisies on it. I love daisies! I can't believe they even found something to match my new room. Oh well, I guess I have to go if I want to type anything for my story.

By the way, I just want to give a huge shout out to my mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you mom. (Suck up!)

Hasta Luego!
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