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Bring out the Logs and Pitch forks!

Last day of vacation and I'm surely going to miss waking up extra late and sleeping whenever I want to. I'm back to the daily grind and it really sucks. But hey when you've got 72 days left till graduation, I guess you're just going to have to suck it in.

So here I am, holding on desperately to the last few strands of Christmas break and wishing I had spent it more wisely. Sleeping all day. My parents are still in Singapore and I'm playing mom to Paola. Homework isn't something I like doing, but I have to help her with hers. Grr... I can't be a mom. I'd be real mean to my kids and expect them to do all their work by themselves just how I did mine. How very nurturing of me.

Just thinking of all the load of crap I have to do for this final stretch makes me want to slack off even more. But it's the last few days and I better just shape up. Everyone in the house is somewhere else and I'd rather be somewhere else too. Like on my bed with the covers up to my neck and a nice gusty wind blowing in.

However, this morning, I had a chat with my cousins about certain customs that we just aren't very amenable to. Not that I'm against them, because everyone's got different beliefs, but I just find it a bit unfair. Who are people to say you can't marry someone just because they're of a different race? I guess it's their opinion and I'm just not very happy with it.

Can I help it if I happen to like people with a bit of an oriental touch? Most of the crushes I've had are either pure of half oriental and I guess I'm just setting myself up for failure. Does it mean I can't pursue a relationship because we're not of the same culture? Heck! People of different religion manage it and yet some families are still close minded about it.

Still, I'm not saying that all families are this way. There are some who are more open minded about things and aren't so stuck up on their traditions. If only everyone were like Dao Ming Si on Meteor Garden. At least he had the ball to defy his mom and family to be with San Cai. Sure, he ended up in Spain with amnesia because of it, but in the end, love conquers all. I actually don't believe in that, but according to some teacher of mine (he included this question in our test and I answered false and am therefore wrong -- he's obviously in love), love does conquer all. That stinks, but it would be idealistic.

So to you, Mr. I'm-going-to-wait-for-you and It's-all-up-to-you dude, I hope you find the balls to stand up for her and fight for her, because she's given you a lot and I don't see anything from you! Jeez. So here's the only thing I can say to make you feel better.


I'm sure you guys know what I mean

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