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Already a Bum

Second day of the year and I'm already an orphan. My parents have abandoned the rest of the family to be with PB in Singapore. They're so lucky! I wanted to go, but apparently, I told them too late and they had already bought tickets and all that reservation crap. So here I am, second day of the year and am already and official bum.

In three days, I'll be back in school and that should be a bitch. Why? I haven't done a single thing for school. I was supposed to bring home my copy of Dante's Inferno, but obviously that didn't happen. It was already in my bag and I still stuffed it back into my locker on the last day of class before the Christmas break. That just means, I wasn't meant to bring the damn thing home. I did have effort though, so I guess that counts. Looks like I'm going to be cramming all the circles again. Not good.

I'm actually going to see my barkada tomorrow. I haven't seen them the entire Christmas break and I haven't given them their long overdue gifts either. Hopefully, we'll have a great day out tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll find a ride home too!

Niq slept over and I feel bad because I wasn't able to hang out with her much. I feel like such a horrible cousin. Luckily, Paola took most of her time and they hung out so I don't feel as if she was that neglected. I promise to make up for it next time.

And the high point of my day: Becuase we reformatted the computer, I tried detaching myself from some of my old files and I didn't back them up. I've been okay with it so far, and then I realized I wasn't able to back up the programs I had downloaded off the internet. That included Paintshop Pro. This program, I just can't live without. I have created so many graphics and webpages with this handy tool. And I don't know how I would survive without it. Thanks to Niq again, I was able to borrow her copy of it and now I am reunited with my beloved. I know I probably sound like the biggest freak on earth (I have relationships with computer programs), but I guess that's really just how I function.

So now, I'm going to get off the computer, as I'd been on it for six hours already and I'm feeling really guilty because my brothers are already pacing back and forth. I know their tactics.
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