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Before Anything Else

  1. PLACES:
    1. Places you hung out the most in this year:
      • school, unfortunately
      • the boys (my brothers) room
      • the kitchen
      • just about every room in the house

    2. Favorite new place you discovered:
      • I must be really late, but Greenbelt is a nice place to hang out

    3. Places you went on Dates:
      • Prom - Manila Peninsula (that was about it)

    4. Favorite vacation spot for the year:
      • My bed

    5. Favorite places you made out in this year:
      • uh huh really now

  2. PEOPLE:
    1. Persons who taught you most this year:

    2. an old friend you rediscovered this year:
      • Klar - scrub buddy, it's great to talk to you again (on a regular basis)

    3. Person who told you the nicest thing about yourself:
      • Jo, I am so thankful for all you've done. What you did for me was selfless and absolutely flattering. I am honored.

    4. Persons who did something really great for you (and what):
      • Gela - I will FOREVER be grateful even though sometimes I don't admit it. From the car rides, to the use of your "washroom" at home to you know what else.

    5. Persons you spent the most time with this year:
      • My family

    6. Person you did something really great for (and what):
      • Whoever is going to get the blood I donated during the Family Day. I faced my fear -- somewhat -- and gave what I could. That's pretty great for me.

    7. Someone you wished you talked to this year:
      • Prince Harry - so that I can finally convince me to just marry me

    8. Someone Whom You Started a great new friendship with
      • Kim - I know I'm a real pain in the ass most of the time, but I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and coincidental library visits. I am so glad we're finally talking (though I still do most of the talking).

    9. Old enemy/s you made peace with this year:
      • the treadmill

    10. Someone you lost this year:
      • PB, well not really. But he's not around me right now, so I consider that a loss.

    11. Person/s you kissed this year:
      • I wish!

    12. Persons who made you laugh the most:
      • Pio, my little brother. He's becoming really witty and a smart ass too!

    13. Persons who made you cry:
      • Hmmm... should I really be historic right now? Nah, I'm pretty good now.

    14. Person you disliked when the year began but ended up becoming good friends with:
      • I can't really get into details, right?

    15. Person you crushed on the entire year:
      • Tab -- enough said

    16. Someone you wished to apologized to:
      • I feel horrible now that I think about it, cause there are a lot of people I feel like apologizing to

    17. People you went out on dates with:
      • What dates?

    18. Friends you went out with a lot:
      • Klar and Gela. God, I'm with you guys almost every weekend! And I'm definitely not complaining.

    19. Coolest person you met this year:

  3. STUFF:
    1. Clothing item you wore most this year:
      • Underwear my mom bought in the states. It's very very flattering.

    2. Nicest present you got this year:
      • The mp3 player my dad got me. Not exactly what I wanted, but it eventually served its purpose.

    3. Favorite songs for the year:
      • January - St. Patrick's Day (John Mayer)
      • February - Biglaan (6 Cycle Mind)
      • March - You Make Me Feel Like a Star (The Beu Sisters)
      • April - She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)
      • May - Penny and Me (Hanson)
      • June - You Get Me (Michelle Branch)
      • July - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Anne Hathaway and Jesse McCartney)
      • August - Always on My Mind (Phantom Planet)
      • September - Why Can't I (Liz Phair)
      • October - My Happy Ending (Avril Lavigne)
      • November - Split Screen Sadness (John Mayer)
      • December - True (Ryan Cabrera)

    4. Coolest event for the year:
      • A series of events really -- getting left behind during summer and having total freedom and experiencing real independence

    5. New hobby you picked up this year:
      • Tennis!

    6. Best book of the year:
      • Princess in Pink (Meg Cabot) I'm a HUGE fan -- I can't help it

    7. Best movie:
      • Wimbledon. It got me hooked on tennis, and made me really really really happy.

    8. Most shocking news headline of the year:
      • Britney getting married again!

    9. Favorite food of the year:
      • mashed potatoes

    10. Favorite new artist that came out this year:
      • Well, they're not really new, but I just got into them this year Phantom Planet

    1. Wisest thing you did this year:
      • Let all the bad things go and giving away my "bad blood"

    2. Stupidest thing you did this year:
      • Assuming a much better response

    3. Biggest change in you life this year:
      • Brother moving to Singapore

    4. Biggest challenge of the year:
      • Passing Physics class

    5. Something you learned the hard way:
      • Some guys just don't have a clue

    6. Greatest lesson you learned about:
      1. Love - in its purest form is very rare and hard to find
      2. Life - is going to reward you some day for the shit you went through

    7. Best joke you've heard all year:
      • Lindsay Lohan playing Blair Waldorf for the Gossip Girl movie. (unfortunately, it's not a joke)

    8. Biggest disappointment of the year:
      • my SAT score

    9. Biggest blessing of the year:
      • Just another year of life

    10. Biggest thing you discovered about the world:
      • There is something out there for everyone. You just have to find what's for you.

    11. Biggest thing you discovered about people in general:
      • They change

  5. AND LASTLY...
    1. Goals/dreams for the new year:
      • graduate with honors from high school
      • get through my freshman year of college

    2. Predictions for the next year on:
      1. Love - will always be something I see in the movies
      2. Career - Master Commuter
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