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So Long 2004 - My year in review

It's been a slow past few days and so far we're doing okay without PB. At least, I think I am. Whenever my dad gets a message from him though, he reads it out loud and he seems to be doing just fine. Pio now sleeps on PB's bed and his place at the table has even been removed. Still, I guess we're going to get used to him not being around pretty soon.

Still, this will be my last entry for the year 2004 and this year has been a pretty good one. January gave me a pretty good start and I had my seventeenth birthday in February and the very much hyped prom in March. Then my sister, Pamy and I get left behind for an entire summer with just the two of us to the entire house for April and part of May. I also had Review Class and I am still waiting to see if it had any effect at all.

Then in June, I started my last year of high school and it started out uneventful. July was spent worrying over the local college entrance exams. Wondering whether the essays were good enough for them and getting disappointed over the transcripts we were about to spend. Then it was spent practicing for SabPag and eventually in August, we showed the batch we weren't that bad at it. Practice was tiring it seemed like it was never going to end, but it ended with a bang. It also gave me the UPCAT, which I will never forget.

September gave me my last first trimester exams. The results weren't as great as ever, but they were okay I guess. ACET also got over and done with and taking it the second time around wasn't much of a help. October told me that I am a certified control freak who had no control over herself, while in November, I was able to finally get over my grad pic. This month also introduced my first ever sport, Tennis. Sure, I'm no pro yet, but I'm going to get there one day. I just watched Wimbledon for the nth time and it still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. December brought about the separation from my brother, as Singapore had to take him away from me, but it's all good, for now.

That's the gist of my year and I guess this journal is a testament of what the year had been. Still, I want to say thanks to everyone who made this year so worthwhile. To friends who I never thought would keep me going, and to those who are always just there for me no matter what. 2004 was a year of surprises. Some good, others not so, and still it's been great. I've been blessed this year and hopefully 2005 won't be a disappointment.

here's to another year
happy happy new year to everyone

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