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See you soon, Singa-Boy

Well, as much as I don't want to dwell on it, PB's gone. He left this morning and his flight was at around 2 pm. Pamy and I had this brilliant idea of crying the night before so that we wouldn't have to today.

To make this short, that didn't work. It was difficult not to, because there was horrible airport security staff and I wasn't exactly in the happiest of moods. I wanted to slash the freaking necks of those guards. I know they're probably just doing their jobs, but almost all those people saying goodbye were crying. How could they be so... heartless?

I feel bad that I did cry, but I guess I just had to let it out. Still, I'm trying to keep a positive attitude about it and I put on a braver face afterwards. What's sad was when I was crying, I picked my cellphone up and wanted to call someone to talk to. Then for a split second, despite all the numbers in my phone, I didn't have the heart to call a single one. I did end up calling you. So even if we didn't get to talk, I just want to give you a big THANKS.

Who knew I'd be calling you. Thanks for replying. I really appreciate it.

this was when PB still had his mohawk and didn't give a crap what anyone else thought about it. Right on.

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