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# 002 : The Commander In Chief

I have nothing against guys who know exactly what they want. In fact, it's a bit of a turn on when the guys is authoritative and just a little on the commanding type. However, there's a big difference between a guy who knows what he wants and a guy who just keeps telling everyone else how he wants everything done. I especially hate those supervisors who can't do anything by themselves, but manage to boss everyone around and just pretend they actually know something.

You can suggest how things can be done once, and I'll listen. But don't expect me to follow all your little detailed plans to the dot when I know a better way of getting things done and I actually do things myself. What really pisses me off is how some people can't get over their tyrannical way of life. You can't expect everyone to do as you please and to accomplish a job if you aren't lifting a finger.

So if you want me or anyone else to move our asses, I suggest you move yours too.

It's so sad, because a good leader should be able to follow, but this type of commander, can't even follow simple instructions. He can only dish out commands and expects everyone to fall in line. Well, I'm not falling for this. I refuse to end up with someone who can only give commands and not follow a single thing. If you give them good, you better follow them better.

What's worse is if I actually start going out with someone, I'll never see these sides of him. I'll blindly fall for his charm and chivalry, and not realize he's actually a manipulative commander in chief. So to all the commanders out there, better fall in line because I am not falling for guys who can only dish out commands, but can't follow simple instructions.
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