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A Little Randomness

I've had a very busy weekend!!! In fact, It's been so hectic that I haven't updated. My dad and I went to buy my mom a gift for their anniversary. I thought he was just going to get her some card or something, but I figured that he wasn't too shabby after all. He bought her a diamond necklace and matching earrings.

I can't believe it! I've never received that much from my dad. I mean, I do know how much it cost and none of my gifts have ever cost that much. Then again, I'm not his wife, but still, I would have expected more from my dad... for me that is.

I went to my Iza's house the next day and that was fun. Even if Denise wasn't with us (she was in Davao doing a summer thing), it was still fun! We kept stuffing ourselves and all we did was look at her pictures of when she was in Spain and how cute her classmates were there. Whew! I swear, she is one lucky girl because the guys looked really good. One of them even seems to like her because they keep emailing each other even until now. I am so jealous.

We kept on talking about prom when we were there. I was expecting it since we are about to become juniors and that equals prom. I was getting so excited and so far, all of my friends have prospective dates, well, all of them except for me. It made me wonder if I still had enough time to find a date because March is just coming around the corner and before I know it, I still won't have a date.

Moving on... I'm nearly done with my story. I actually just need to finish five days or so and I will be finished. Sure, my summer is nearly over too, but I guess it just really whizzes by you that quickly. I didn't even think I would ever finish the crazy story, but I guess I underestimated myself. I hope that it's a good sequel to the first one though, because my friends seem to like it anyway.

I've been hanging out in my room a lot now, especially since it's finally finished and I love it. It's been raining constantly here, so much for summer, but my room is now the coldest room in the house. It's so nice to sleep there in the afternoon. Anyway, I have to go, because my sister says she needs to check her mail too and I have to continue writing.
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