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Give me a Break

I'm finally free. This time, it's official. Sure, I plan on waking up at 4 am for the next seven days, but it's not like it isn't for a good cause. Misa De Gallo is going to be completed this year. I promise.

Yesterday, was just plain tiring. The entire day was spent at school for Panuluyan and the evening was spent at the UP Lantern Parade. That was really fun! I liked walking around with the Mass Comm Lantern. Hopefully, next year, I'll be walking there as a student, and not just a guest. I even saw some former Povedans watching it and they were like, "diba taga Poveda ka?" Haha! Yeah, I am.

I met Pamy's terror teacher who just happened to give the highest possible grade last night too and I was surprised by him. First off, I thought he was this really old, thin guy. But he was the exact opposite. He was tall, and kind of on the Santa-side. And he was really friendly. I guess it paid off that he thought my sister was some certified genius -- not that she isn't. That way, I guess he thinks I'm sort of like her. Still, it's good to know I'm on his "nice guy mode" list. Hopefully, when I'm in UP next year, he'll give me the same grade as he did my sister.

Still, the day wouldn't end and I attended my sister's org's Christmas party. I have to say it was fun -- for them. I guess when you aren't exactly that close to a bunch of people and you're a tad tired and pooped, you don't exactly enjoy as much. Still, I have to say that they're a great bunch who tried their best to make me enjoy and feel at home. And I did. I couldn't fight the sleepiness though, I actually picked a deserted corner and slept.

Before that though, I was reading this book co-written by James Patterson and another dude, and it was called, The Beach House. I have to say that it was quite interesting. Then again, I was just left to my own resources, so it was pretty good. Myra, Irene, and Myra's grandmother read it and they all said it was pretty good. So to anyone who feels like giving me anything, that book would be a good start.

Now, my relatives are over for PB's despedida. It's sad, and it means, I've got ten days left with him. TEN, 10 days left. That's just a week and three days. And honestly, I'm really sad. But I'm trying not to show it too much, because PB told me not to make any harder. Geez, I can't wait to be all chipper at the airport. I wonder how that's going to turn out.

Then again, I've got three important essays to write, so that should keep me busy instead of missing him, right? Before i know it, I'll be back in school again. Wonderful.
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