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SY 2005 -- or what's left of it -- by Numbers

It's official, I am down to my last 100 days till graduation day! This I can't believe. It's like the hundred day countdown till Christmas, and now there are 18 days left... That means, graduation must be extra near. I just can't wait.

So basically, if I disregard all those no classes we're sure to have, this is the remaining school year by numbers:
  • 100 days till graduation
  • 32 lunch periods
  • 26 classes each in Math and English left
  • 19 classes each in Physics, CL and Filipino left
  • 16 trimestral exams (rough estimate)
  • 13 classes in Computer
  • 12 classes in Elective
  • 12 IW cards
  • 7 classes each in Lab and Music
  • 7 Lab reports (hopefully!)
  • 6 classes in THE
  • 1 Talaban Chapter (plus many revisions)

Just thinking of it, I can't wait till they're all over. I am so desperate to graduate, I'll do what I have to just to make it through. The thing is, I have this strong feeling perfect attendance award is the only reason I'll be going up that stage during the graduation itself. I need to bring my grades up so bad, it's not funny.

Physics and Economics just aren't cooperating with me and it's really sad, because I really want to do better. It's not like I'm slacking... So maybe I'm getting lazier, but isn't it just natural? I'm graduating after all. Still, one of my teachers were talking to me and she shared how the other teachers were reminiscing about Pamy and how she was so intelligent and quiet and hardworking. Beautiful. It's too bad I didn't get too much from my sister.

Nevertheless, I'm going to work hard now. I promise. Once I finish Shelley's scarf, I will be serious and study. That's going to be difficult considering I have no class tomorrow and so much time to laze around. I'm just going to have to resist the temptation of my bed and get my ass working.
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