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Feast Twenty-Six

Tell about a toy you remember from your childhood.
I had a lot of toys when I was a kid. Sure, I didn't play with a lot of them, but I guess being a second child, I just wanted everything my sister had. So my parents gave me really cool things. The one thing I really remember was a kitchen set from Little Tykes. Thinking about it, it must have burned holes in my parents pockets because those things cost a lot now. Still, it was the best. It was as tall as me, and it had a telephone, a microwave, a gas range, a sink, and a two level oven.

Besides all those cool functions, I know it was a great toy, because now, that I'm way too tall for it (but not tall enough) and way old for it (but not quite old), it's still alive and well. Well enough for my little sister, Paola, to play with it. Now that's an advertisement.

If you could make one thing in the world absolutely free for everyone, what would it be?
Acceptance. This sounds a bit pretentious, but I guess that's what everyone just wants. With this, we wouldn't have to pretend to be someone else, or try to be someone else just to feel wanted. Everyone would be wanted by someone.

It would save a lot of time too. No longer would people slave over making themselves look good for others, because they know that they're already cool with how they are. And peer pressure wouldn't even exist, because friends would take you for who you are. And wars -- what wars (?), as countries would just leave each other alone because they understand each nation's individuality.

And of course, people like me, wouldn't have to keep waiting for that special dude to sweep me off my feet and take me away into the sunset, because I would have accepted my self for who I am and what I have and there wouldn't be any complains.

Damn, I wish acceptance wasn't only free, but it would be mandatory.

Approximately how many times per day do you think about your significant other?
What significant other? I guess if I want this to apply to my situation, I would say that I do think about my crushes and I think about them quite a lot. Let's leave it at that.

Main Course
Name something you believe in 100%.
I have no idea. I'm such a faithless person, I have doubted just about everything. Yes, this is a horrible thing of me, but I guess I just have to learn to trust something and believe in something 100% Maybe one day, I will. But right now, things are running to about 99.99%

List 3 things you did this year that you would consider a "good deed."
Now wouldn't this make me sound so self-absorbed? I guess, I like helping people out, no matter what. So since I doubt anyone would ever linger this far in the entry anyway, I shall go ahead and do this humbly. I'm just complying anyway.
  • I didn't argue with my dad for almost a week
    Not only is that a good deed, that's fantabulous! We usually don't last a day without getting on each other's nerves. So what if I was counting? I was hoping we'd hit the Guiness book of World records. Maybe one day, we will.
  • I donated blood to the Red Cross
    I can still the scar -- it's tiny -- on my arm as I type this. It's probably the only scar I'll show off and be proud of. It hurt, and it was a crazy, spur of the moment thing, but I felt really fulfilled afterwards. I'm considering donating blood every year. No, I still have a good amount of blood going to my head. In fact, someone crazier told me that it was healthier to donate blood twice a year. Who is he kidding?
  • let my brother go
    Haven't actually done this, but I have decided to. Sure, it's going to be my last 23 days with him and I could really make it difficult for him to leave, but instead I'm going to make it a bit easier. Of course, there'll be tears, but I won't go full on Peta sa Naia on him. That would just embarass him too much. Cross your fingers though, I'm hoping I won't be that bad.
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