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I am done! I can’t believe it! I finished my story according to my deadline. Now, I can rest. I’m not kidding. It’s not fun to see the same computer screen over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, it certainly has become a passion, but my summer is wasting away. Still, I can’t wait to just laze around during the afternoons. It’s something I’m certainly looking forward to doing.

My parents are coming home tomorrow and I’m quite excited. Well, I do miss them to some extent, but I’m really waiting for what they bought me. They told me that I have some jackets and shirts with them so that should be interesting. I know... I sound so mean, but at least I’m still missing them.

To sound very unoriginal, I just can’t believe that I finished my story! It took me the longest sixty-one days of my life and I’m quite proud of the outcome. It’s the story that I worked my ass off on and I’m just glad that it’s done. I called Meggie up and told her that I was done with the story. She told me to call her when I finished it and she congratulated me. It felt really good to be commended for it, even if she hadn’t even read it yet. She was so sweet.

I just remembered that my friends are currently dancing now. Not just any dance, but the interpretative dance for my school’s founder. I don’t feel too guilty because I really didn’t want to dance to begin with, but I hope that my friends don’t feel too bad about it. I’m sure they did well to begin with. They’re such obedient students and so that is what they got. I’m sure our teacher will forever be grateful to them. I don’t need her to be grateful to me and that is why I am at home and they are dancing.

Nothing can ruin my day! I am done! Yeah baby!
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