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Not long enough

I again just woke up from a loooong slumber. Wednesday night, I stayed up to finish Chapter 4 of Talaban and it took me till 5 am the next day. Just to find out that classes had been suspended. I sleep at around noon time and I don't wake up till 5 am today. Wow.

So I basically sleep through the entire day. However, it's my little sister's birthday today and my parents are in Baguio attending a wedding. I can't believe they braved the storm just to get there. Right about now, I'm going to sneak back into my room and pretend I'm asleep.

By the way, even if all the windows are closed and it there isn't much ligtning and thunder, I'm still getting freaked out by the wind.

Oh, and I still hate Talaban.
Tags: birthday, high school senior, parents, siblings, weather and calamities
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