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Super Saturday

Another shoutout to the sweetest sweetie ever! Happy Birthday Andy! You are such a great friend!

I was supposed to attend Comm Serv this morning, but obviously I didn't wake up. Actually, I did. At 6:00 am I actually managed to get out of bed. But then I realized that I wasn't exactly in the right disposition to commute all the way to school. My dad couldn't take me to school, so it would be yet another MRT adventure. Just thinking about all of it made me tired, so I went back to sleep. I promise though that next week, I will be there.

I did wake up at 8:50 to struggle to get to Ateneo for Pietro's little performance. It wasn't very little considering the entire grade 7 batch was dancing in the quad of sorts. It was really cute and there were a lot of cute guys -- too bad they're four entire years younger than I am. Oh well, when they get older, I'll probably still be single anyway.

We went to the Eagles of Hope Bazaar though and it wasn't as good as last year. Still, I am nearly done with my Christmas gift list and I'm really happy with my finds this year. I hope people will like them when I finally give them out.


I just got home from Andy's birthday and tennis lessons. Might I say I had a fab time at both.

Apparently, I'm doing better at my forehand. This is such great news for me, because I didn't think I would ever hit the stupid ball. Something embarrassing happened though when we were warming up at the gym. I was trying the Time Works contraption -- the one that Clark Kent's dad on Smallville endorses -- and I fell off. I literally got thrown off the stupid thing. It looks so freaking easy on television and I couldn't even manage the stupid thing. Argh! It was so embarrassing. I wanted to melt into the floor.

I also need more aggression when I hit the ball. As if I'm not angry enough at the entire world, I channeled all of my so called hate and angst to my forehand and bam! I actually made pretty good ones. I had the best fun as usual with Gela (panira! just kidding, I ♥♥♥ you)!and Klar (the Natural: she held the racket for the first time and hit really well. I am so jealous!). In fact, I seem to be with them every single weekend! Still, I'm definitely not complaining.

Boy am I glad there isn't any class on Monday.

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