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This is my LAST Monday of summer and I'm going to live it up. How? I'm going to watch every single show that comes out on Mondays that I am not able to watch because I am studying at night or whatever. I can't believe I even woke up early today. How the hell am I supposed to be enjoying if I'm waking up this early? I honestly don't know.

We ate out with my cousins yesterday at Rockwell and I had so much fun. I hadn't seen Nique and Guel in ages and I was just glad to be there with them. We talked about how they were unfair because they were going back to class a week later than us! Then again, I had a three month summer break (I love my school) so I kind of deserve to go back to school already. We ate at this restaurant that serves amazing food, but the one who served us was even more amazing. His name was Ferdie (not the best name I've heard) and this guy has got the most amazing eyes I've ever seen in person! (I think JC Chasez has the best blue eyes ever, but I've never seen them live) He's got grayish brownish eyes, if that's possible, but he was just so HOT! His eyes sort of redeemed the rest of his looks, but that doesn't mean he was ugly other than the exception of the eyes. He looked good over all and I was just in awe.

My mom even complimented him on it and he blushed and all that. It was so funny and cute at the same time. I was quite shocked at my mother's boldness and then I looked at my Grandma and I knew she must have had it in her. Yes, my parents are back from vacation and I like it that way, thank you very much. They got me a lot of nice stuff so that's nice. They also bought me the FOURTH Princess Diaries book: Princess in Waiting and I read it all last night! As in, I read the entire thing and slept at around 4 am. I can't believe it either, but I LOVE Michael Moscovtiz! The character was just so sweet. Especially when he told her.

"Of course I'm in with love you. Now come sit down and eat."

I just thought how could he jump from being so sweet to being concerned for Mia... and did I mention that she is merely a FRESHMAN? I am going to be a junior and I still have not found my Michael yet. I don't think I'll ever find him. The book is amazing as usual and I had so much fun reading it. It's not that I want to be a princess, but I just want to be as happy as she was.

Moving on, I had a friend who actually attended this beauty pageant. I'm not kidding you. I don't know what he did there, but he told me that he went and all that. I watched a bit of the telecast on TV and I don't know what you do if you're in the audience. The advertisements were pretty damn long, so I'm only wondering how long they had to wait in the dark coliseum. Funny though, because I didn't think anyone watched that except of course for the families of the contestants, then again, he might be related to some girl there, but he didn't tell me that... or is he? Oh well, there are two days left till Miss Universe and I always watch that no matter what. I always have to see who wins and all that and I hope we get into the top 10 this time around. We never seem to make it. I have to go now... I haven't eaten breakfast yet!

Bottom line: I WANT my Michael Moscovitz
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