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In His Face!

If Sir thought he could block livejournal then he was obviously wrong. Thanks to my many accounts, I can update anywhere I want. Sigh... It sounds really childish, but at this, point, I'm just really tired and I probably won't even remember spewing this out.

I have three more IW cards to do. Beautiful. Just great. On top of that, I have no idea why I even volunteered to do some crochet flowers for the Eco-Fashion Show tomorrow. I guess I'm feeling bad that I wasn't able to help. Not that I didn't want to, but everytime I tried going on, there just wasn't anything to do. I'm not exactly domesticated, or a sewing guru, so I don't blame the designers if they refused to let me touch their designs. I'm glad though, because I know how wonderful I am with the sewing needle.

I must say though that it turned out fabulous! The clothes are amazing and made of recyclable materials too! They can be used even after the fashion show. Truly used. They're not made out of cellophane which according to Apple will contribute to more waste after the fashion show because you can't really use it. I'm so proud of them!

So tonight, on top of my three IWs and essays -- which I have not even started -- I am going to make four crochet flowers. Yes, I will.
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