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that's what suck-ups get

18 days left until I slave away in an institution that's supposed to enrich my head... school. Not. I don't want to return to school and still I have to. It's like my summer just began, when in fact, I've already spent close to three months bumming at home. Then again, I am nearly done with my story, so that should mean that I did do something with my summer.

I woke up earlier today, and when I mean early, I mean before 1 pm. I sleep late, err, early in the morning, so I wake up late. But today, I don't think so. My mom wakes me up and tells me my teacher is on the phone for me. I can't believe this. What did I do this time for my teacher to call me during the summer? I clear my voice and my head and answer the phone and guess what? I'm going to have to go to school on Monday! This is just great. How am I supposed to enjoy the rest of my summer if I have to go to school? Not fun at all.

That's not all, because I get to dance in front of a thousand people to an interpretative dance which I do not want to do AND it's for the founder of our school, who is already a saint and dead. I am getting so worked up over this I don't know if I can handle it.

Don't get me wrong. I like dancing. In fact, I like dancing so much that I tried out for the cheering squad TWICE. I don't know if I got in the second time around, but I tried. The point is interpretative dance isn't my cup of tea. I respect people who do like it and I bless them, but for me, nah!

Moving on... my room is done! My mom finished painting it yesterday and now I can move back up there. I can now enjoy my garden-ish room and play my music in my OWN room. Right now, I have been hibernating to the guest room and I'm not too hot about it, but hey! My room is done! Pardon the shallowness, but I'm quite attached to my room. In fact, if this computer was in my room, then I wouldn't be leaving it at all. No kidding.

Speaking of not getting out, I don't think I can get out of the interpretative dance thingie. My teacher told me that she would invite Lee-Ann (my friend since Kinder 1... no we're not best friends, but we tried it out at one point and it wasn't pretty), but she's going to the beach so she's got an alibi (Dammit!), Iza (my other friend who went to Spain for the summer and is now back.), Hannah (who is most probably going, because if she isn't, then I'm not going. She's my perennial ride to anything. She's got a driver and I don't. Hehe! Can anyone spell user?), and me. The point is I don't have an alibi, but I'm seriously considering coming up with one. It's funny because we're five in my group of friends and only Denise wasn't invited. Isn't she lucky? Maybe if I didn't suck up too much to my teacher, she wouldn't have remembered me. I hate it.

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