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Three for the Weekend

You do learn something everyday no matter how shalow it may seem.

FRIDAY's lesson was: Always bring extra pants

When we were told to bring tabos or dippers for CSDC, they were obviously going to make us use it. So why didn't I bring extra pants? I already knew I was going to attend somethign that evening. During one of the best ever CSDC activities ever, we all got wet. A water war complete with rain and all. Our team should have won, hands down. We had the most water in our pails and dippers, but other terrorist groups like the green team just had to steal our pails and throw all our water away. Such a shame since we're both from Foxtrot. Still, the activity was crazy and we somehow learned something too.

Next time, when they ask us to bring anything that can store water and I also happen to be going somewhere else after, I shall always bring an extra pair of pants. Walking around a hotel in soaked jeans isn't exactly much fun.

Since I'm not exactly a person who just wants to wet herself on a regular basis, it was certainly fun to let loose and deliberately walk into a shower of water from a hose. It was a great way to end the week of stress and work. But there's still more stress and work to come. That's what Talaban is for.

Nevertheless, Third Unit is the best ever! Even if we had a quiz.

SATURDAY's lesson was: Kiss your Biceps

Even if I got home really late from going out with my family the night before, I woke up at five-thirty for Comm Serv which was really fun. Seeing the Makabata kids who have literally grown up with us was pretty fun. I'm certainly looking forward to more of it.

If that wasn't tiring enough, I just didn't stop. Straight from Comm Serv, I went to my first-ever tennis lesson. I don't want to flatter her, but whenever Gela and I are together, we just have a ton of fun. Sure we were embarrassing ourselves half the time, but it didn't matter, because it was just fun to pretend we could actually play.

I have an even greater respect for all tennis players out there, as I cannot even manage to kiss my biceps and keep the freaking racket straight. I can't do much actually with the racket, but the fact that I can stand not to hit anyone with my balls or racket for an entire meeting is pretty good. Unlike others there... ahem Gela! I guess I'll just have to get used to it.

I must say though that whenever Gela and I are together, we have a ton of fun! Now that I think of it, I shouldn't have said that, as she might think too much of herself. Still, it's true. Still, I couldn't help but feel awkward and like a total freak! but that doesn't matter because I've always wanted a sport and here's one that just landed on my lap. Thanks to Gela. Thank you for planning all of this, Gels. You totally made me smile.

SUNDAY's lesson was: Squeeze the Ball Tight

My last-ever Family day started early and so did my shift. But due to total exhaustion from the entire week, I collapsed right after tennis and didn't wake up till after my shift. Beautiful. So I'm really sorry, Hannah, that so wasn't planned. Nevertheless, this was probably the most memorable one to date.

Due to Gela and Klar's insistent singing, I actually walked to the Kinder Gym -- which looks a lot smaller now that I'm older -- for a blood donation. Since I've done acupuncture before, I thought I could handle this one. Apparently, I was wrong.

I walk in and feel a sudden nervousness wash over me. I keep laughing as I fill out the questionnaire to mask my nervousness, but I have to admit that 75% of the questionnaire was funny. Questions like have you had any homosexual activity, and have you contracted any sexually transmitted disease. Or like my personal favorite, are you pregnant?.

The blood test wasn't any easier than the actual thing. This tiny, harmless (not!) looking needle was pricked into my poor ring finger on my left hand -- the one I'm supposed to place my wedding band on. If that wasn't bad, they had to keep squeezing it till the blood came out. That part really sucked! What if I lost all life on that finger and it had to be amputated? I would have no finger to slip my wedding ring on?

More bad news though, my blood type is plain old O. Yes, Universal Donor I am. Not AB+, the royal bloodline. So much for ending up with my Prince Harry. Then again, marrying commoners seems to be the in thing now, so I'm still safe. Then they led me to a bunch of cots that I had to go on. So there I was with thisn rubber thing tied to arm. And I was so nervous. The worst part was when she stuck the needle in. Apparently, my veins are thin. So it's very difficult to draw blood. I was gripping to the edge of the cot tightly and I was squeezing the ball as tight as I could.

I didn't even dare look at the blood being drawn. I didn't think I could take it. But eventually, I just tilted my head to the side and saw brown liquid flowing into a pack. I could feel my legs get weak. Still, it felt good to be the 14th blood donor that day and the Last one at that. It felt good to help. Somehow, after when they let me drink some juice and let me pick a color of bandage (I chose yellow), I felt like a hero to those four anonymous people whom I would eventually help with my blood. I might not be a national hero, but I let my blood flow for others, and that made me feel just like that guy who's got a park named after him.
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