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12 of 12: When I tried but just couldn't

Well, this was painful but I did it. I've been doing this meme for quite some time now and it's been fun when I've had amazing days but this was not an amazing day. It was a work day and there wasn't much to see. 

So here it is, the last instalment for the year, 3 weeks too late or so. 


  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month 
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12!

01. 07:43 am, Serangoon
I got my toes painted in Ho Chi Minh! It's my first time to get them painted a matte top coat and I like it. I also really love these sandals and should consider getting it in more colours.

02. 09:43 am, Dakota
It's quite difficult for me to wake up early enough to take public transportation to work and be on time. This is not good because i've been very spoiled by ride hailing. So I'm trying my best 

03. 10:37 am, my office desk
Oh hello new office desk. So this entire year, I've been traveling so much, I didn't have a proper office desk -- my original one was taken by someone else when I came back! So it feels weird and awesome to have one again.

04. 11:53 am, office lobby
This is my team! Well as much of us that I could fit into the photo! I'm sure I cropped someone out (by accident!) I'm sorry! I wish we worked together a little more than we do right now.

05. 12:37 pm, Extra Virgin Pizza
I actually forgot to take a photo of the lunch we had! It was a feast, too! My team from all over was in town so we had a team lunch out and ordered lots of awesome Italian food and all you're seeing is the tail end!

06. 12:54 pm, the canteen
And as if that lunch wasn't enough, I went to get some coffee at the 'canteen' on the 2nd floor of our new building. I'm still not over how swanky our new building is and how we're so central and in the CBD now. Huge stuff!

07. 01:57 pm, some meeting room
The team was in town because we had our monthly meeting where the team that never works together pretends to be a team and tells each other what we've been up to this past month. I like it. 

08. 05:13 pm, still my office desk
OH and because I wanted to show the nails that matched the toes, this is how my nails look 3 days after I had them done. Some chips left and right but over-all still somehow ok. I should look into gel nails.

09. 06:38 pm, from the office windows
A really bad photo of the view from our floor. If I go towards a window that is. My actual view is a wall but if I turn around and walk towards the windows, this is what I would see. Not bad at all.

10. 07:12 pm, somewhere in the office
More photos of the new place. I tried being surreptitious cause I didn't want to be that girl that takes photos of the new building but I guess I am that girl. Oh well, I tried. 

11. 07:20 pm, the escalators going down
We have a pretty high escalator going down to the lobby of the building and I always try taking the middle lane going up or down if available cause the side ones just feel too high. 

12. 07:31 pm, Marina Bay
And I'm always proud when I'm able to take public transport going home. Here I am trying to be a good person to my wallet and just taking advantage of the awesome public transport available to me. 



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