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Currently: November 2017

Well, November went by quickly, no? I barely blinked and then November 30 came and went and now it's December and before we know it, I'll be wrapping up the year and we'll be finished~ with 2017.

Every year (after the time capsule memes of yore ended), I would write myself a locked time capsule and only unlock it a year later and it surprises me how much things have changed and how much they've stayed the same. I'll need a drink as I write myself this year.

November started with a quick trip home to see my doctor and see my family! It was so nice to just hang with my parents for a while. Even if I do get to see them in a month! I also saw my oldest friends and learn about my good friend, Lee-Ann's upcoming baby's gender! We're in that life stage guys! People are having babies!

I did a quick run to Jakarta and Myanmar for work over a two-day period and though it was nice to be back in both cities I sort of called home for 3-6 months, I'm also glad to just be visiting for a bit. It was nice to see the teams there for a very short while.

My sister Pamy complained about not being in my October photo album so it was only right that we meet up for dinner (and document it). I was craving Filipino food and because I can't cook, we met up at our usual place. I think we've mastered the art of ordering just the right amount of food. My friend, Jo-Anne was in town for the weekend so I made sure to see her for a drink and chat. It was short but awesome. It's aways nice to have friends from home. 

My roomie, Barnabe threw his girlfriend, Priji a birthday dinner (and that automatically means a board game of sorts) so, my other roomie, Hannah and I gamely joined even though we're not very good at these games. 

I finally got to go to Manila for work (the first time ever) and though I didn't see any friends, it was fun to explore the Makati area given I'm a northern girl and never quite venture in these parts. When I got back, it was time for Macy's almost annual birthday visit and we had an awesome time at the Harry Styles concert even if he looked like an ant from where we sat. It was a good and tiring time all around. 

Finally, it was time to say goodbye to yet another of my Singapore friends. Adoni, my Greek go to is heading to London for work and my Singapore circle dwindles yet again. It was a pretty bittersweet dinner but I'm glad I was there for it. 

Loving: The holiday Hallmark movie extravaganza has started and I just love this time of year because no matter how cheesy and predictable and cringe-worthy they are, they are awesome and reassuring and just fun to watch. Also, with Netflix joining the game, there is a holiday movie for everyone. I love it.

Reading: So this is the year I fail at reading books (i'm disappointed in myself, believe me), but I've been following US politics super closely through podcasts mostly but Vanity Fair's coverage of it is particularly interesting. Don't judge me but I find Robert Mueller strangely attractive. Yes, I said it.

Watching: I caught Thor: Ragnarok and I really liked it. It was a bit goofy and the director is adorable and just a nice no thinking movie where sometimes I couldn't believe it was part of the MCU, because it was a tad too delightful. Sometimes, superhero movies get too serious and rightfully so at times, but this was a nice break.

Listening to: Let's be real, reputation was released this month and though it's not my all-time favourite, I have to say Taylor's latest outing has grown on me. I'll have to specifically call out Delicate, Getaway Car and I Did Something Bad are among my favourites. Also in preparation for the Harry Styles concert, I gave his album a couple of rounds and man, he sounds great in real life. Not to leave Niall Horan out, his album was pretty great too.

Working on: Getting better. I got pretty sick 2 weeks before the half marathon and somehow I survived that one with a cough and a cold but I do want to get better so I'm trying to sleep as early as I can. I'm still pretty bad at doing the water thing, but I know I need to hydrate way more. I'm also not happy about a certain royal engagement so I'm going to have on working on blocking all news of that from my life. It's going to be tough, guys.

Anticipating: The holidays! As I get older, I really don't feel the holiday season as much but with my parents arriving on the 17th and staying till the 27th, it's going to be pretty nice to have them over. I hope we don't tire ourself out as much has we used to. We are after all, getting older.


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