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On the Way Down

I have been so busy. It's unbelievable.

The good thing is that I'm done with the SATs. Sure, I doubt I'll be impressing anyone with my scores, but I tried my "best" and that's all that matters. Besides, it costs 50 dollars, so it's not like I can retake it just like that.

I have to say that I'm feeling pretty good now that it's over. And I'm feeling proud too that I can detach myself from the computer. I haven't touched this thing in ages and I'm so proud. I don't feel like such a leech anymore. Still, now that I'm holding it, I'm not going to let go very soon.

Coming back from the sembreak has made me realize things. Actually, it just confirmed things.

I cannot wait to gradutae. My countdown clock is ticking at the upper right side of my screen and I'm waiting till it says ZERO days to go. I just want to graduate. I don't care what everyone says about missing your high school, I just want to get it over with.

I'm not exactly happy about how I'm doing in school anyway. Physics is just going downhill from here. Talaban isn't much of an upper either. It really sucks because I know we worked really hard on that one and we're not very happy with our grade. Doesn't punctuality even merit for anything? So much for submitting on time, I guess it isn't considered much.

128 days left and I'm counting down to the minute. I just want to get it over with. Sure that would mean PB would be gone already, but at least I can say good bye to high school forever. There may be a few positive things, but I just need a break. Not a mini-break like they give us on Christmas, but a long two-month type or even more.

Right now, I'm just ticking off things I have to do. Essays, IWs (we're on the second week already!), Talaban crap... and the list goes on. Who said this year was going to fly by? It's slower than a snail crawling.
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