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12 of 12: When I slept and ate and slept and ate (and worked some)

It was a pretty hectic end of the week for me with having to travel to Jakarta and Yangon for work back to back Friday and Saturday so when Sunday rolled along, I was happy to finally be back home (even if there was still some work to do).

I napped a lot and ate a lot and then napped in between working some. I could have shared Jakarta and Yangon shots but that was mostly work too, so instead here are food shots from my day.


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Hello, Sunday!

01. 12:01 am, The One Entertainment Park, Yangon
Our company sponsored an EDM music festival and I have never felt so old in my life. It was fun to watch from a distance but getting in the middle of a bazillion drenched folks wasn't my cup of tea. Happy it went ok for the team though.

02. 7:27 am, Yangon International Airport
I'm not sure why I choose these crazy early flights but I guess I just can't wait to go home that I'll wake up at ungodly hours or barely sleep the night before so I can beat traffic and make it home for some semblance of a Sunday

03. 9:14 am, Myanmar National Airways
it's my first time taking this airline and I don't think it's the budget flight either but I like it. The food was great. The seats were great. It's only a 2.5 hour flight but you take enough flights and I was just happy to experience a good flight

04. 12:12 pm, Tanjong Katong
Oh hello, medication. There's so much going on in my sinuses and throat area that I need to take so much meds to keep things normal. It's such a hassle but worth it in the end I suppose if I can keep things at bay.

05. 4:29 pm, Tanjong Katong
Late lunch is late but always worth it to have some of these amazing VIOS bowls that my sister-in-law Ashna got me in to. I've had so many of them since I last met her, I think any food delivery I have ordered is just this bowl

06. 4:35 pm, Tanjong Katong
Holiday cards have arrived! I'm so lazy to open them up and start writing~ but I know I should soon. There's no point in ordering them 'early' if I'm not going to start working on them anyway. If any of you want to do an exchange, send me a PM!

Goodbye, Sunday

07. 4:54 pm, Tanjong Katong
My roomie, Barnabe had some pandan cake and I may have had some in the past, but this was pretty damn yummy. I had like 3 slices in a row. And not slivers. Actual slices of amazing pandan yumminess. Good times.

08. 6:54 pm, Tanjong Katong
Say hello to my new chair! I now have furniture I own in Singapore! it's so strange that this is the case. good luck to me when I move out though. But also, it's yellow and comfy and 1/3 the price of the original sale.

09. 7:15 pm, Tanjong Katong
I'm a little late into the pre/post running care but now that I"m more paranoid about my knees that I got myself one of those knee support pads and a foam roller. I'm not sure if this is going to help anything but 21KM isn't a joke so why not

10. 7:54 pm, Tanjong Katong
Clearly I did not leave the house today and so I had reputation on repeat the entire day in between playing my brother's EP just so I can get those plays up. The album has yet to grow on me the way Red and 1989 really got to me.

11. 8:38 pm, Tanjong Katong
I don't know if I've ever shared a photo of my trusty backpack that I take on all these work trips and I'm not sure how I managed to fit everything in this but it tells me I don't need many things and probably hoard way more than I need.

12. 9:42 pm, Tanjong Katong
And the roomies had some friends over for pizza and boardgames. I was going to join them but then work was there and I needed to do it even if I'm not sure it's quite in my jurisdiction but I did it anyway. Oh well.


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