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Currently: October 2017

And it's over! Quarter 3 is 1/3 done and I'm not sure how I like this 2017 going by so quickly. But there it is anyway. October was more 'chill' with me getting back to my routines of being in Singapore and actually waking up in my bed. Strange, but I like it.

I said hello to friends that visited and saw some of those I haven't seen in a while but also said goodbye to new friends who I thought I could spend more time with but work takes them away. I hope your Octobers were fantastic.

The first day of the month was my last day in Manila and it was nice to hang out with the parents even for a while. I also ended up getting my nails done with newish friend Lizzy and Becky (my love). It's so nice to see Ami regularly and not in Jakarta! So glad we're both back in town.

A friend from college, Simon, totally tried evading me while he was in town so it was nice to catch him even for an hour. And because I like inviting myself to things, I third-wheeled my brother and sister-in-law's Friday night date. But nothing beats BSB live in concert. I think that definitely made my month.

I spent 3 days in KL with colleagues for an offsite and the cook-off was the best thing ever. I can't cook but it was fun. Watching Williams/Wozniacki live with Erica was also pretty amazing! Ending the month with a nice dinner with high school friend, Gela was also pretty sweet. I always like folks dropping in town.

Loving: My new IKEA chair!!! I've always wanted one but didn't have space in my room. And although I still don't have space now, there is space in our living room. Luckily, we found a secondhand one online and for 1/3 the original price, we got it! I now have a seat in the living room! Best thing ever!

Reading: My dad told me about the new Dan Brown book, Origin and I just started it but it's as always pretty interesting. I'm a sucker for a thriller and I guess I just haven't ventured down this path too much. If you guys have any recommendations to thriller-esque caper-ish books, I'm all ears.

Watching: I'm thinking of staring Mindhunter but after barely surviving Zodiac, I'm not sure I'll be able to surive it. Still, I'm tempted! Also, as a footnote to my love for Star Trek: Discovery, it just got very interesting with the introduction of a couple to ship! Now all I need is someone for Captain Lorca (someone consistent) and I'll be all good. 

Listening to: I'm an avid pop fan and because this month was the Backstreet Boys concert, you know I had their things on repeat. I didn't expect to enjoy Demi Lovato's new album as much as I have, as well. I don't think I've ever considered myself a Demi fan but this new album is pretty damn awesome. There was of course, lots of pop as there always is.

Working on: Holiday cards! I'm a little late to preparing this year. Well technically I started early but choosing the designs every year takes me forever and I think I'm pretty pleased with them. If you want to receive/exchange holiday cards, send me a PM and let me know your details?

Anticipating: All the lovely friends visiting in November! I didn't realise how many they would be, but I'm not saying no. My friend since kinder, Jo-Anne will be in town and I don't think I've ever had her in the city. Then my favourite repeat visitor, Macy will be with me and Harry Styles. So I think all will be well. 


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