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I Want It That Way

So. I went to a Backstreet Boys concert last Saturday. And my voice has not return since. It was a glorious time. And obviously, after a concert, one goes into a YouTube spiral. I was messaging mellowdee because I could not contain the feelings I had inside of me.

It's funny because way back when, I liked the Backstreet Boys before I devoted a good chuck of my teenage years to *N Sync. But thanks to Justin Timberlake (and I support his career completely), I will probably never see that group together again. Meanwhile, the Backstreet Boys have been so constant.

I saw them five years ago with NKOTB when they visited Manila, and though everyone's clearly aged and had kids (not me, the boys), it was still a joy to sing my lungs out. 

So Kevin has always been a favourite because he just seemed like the manliest of them all. Nick because he was the 'youngest' and therefore the smallest in age gaps with my ten year old self. But I realise I like each of them in their own way. Howie is adorable and just seems like an over-all nice guy. Brian is always trying to be goofy and AJ has amazing pipes. like insane. 

Please, enjoy the click hole I spiralled down this past 2 days. You're welcome.

This was a pretty cool show in that it was acoustic and chill and just no one had to get up to dance. I like seeing them dance, cause it's adorable that they try. But this was lovely and Kevin had short hair!

I think this would be the closest simulation of how their concert/Vegas residency would go if they were pressed for time. But I love that they don't try to sing too many new songs, because let's be real, I probably only know up to their 4th albums' first single and that would be stretching it.

BUT THEN. I stumbled upon Nick Carter on Dancing With The Stars and HOLY COW. That was another 24 hours down another rabbit hole because Nick is adorable and him trying so hard is even cuter. THIS JIVE THOUGH. I AM BLOWN AWAY. I have seen a minimum 20 times. He's so good. She's so good. They're so good together! This is also like way later in the season. 

Yes, I've seen all his performances in progression and saw him get better and better but that video above is my FAVOURITE.

This three person salsa would be my second favourite because he just looks 10x more confident than he did at the start of the season and just is moving with so much ease and gah! I'm in love!

And because the boys of course had to support him, this was such a cute DWTS-BSB takeover with bonus *NSync appearance thanks to Joey Fatone. I don't know why he was there to be honest. Does he host DWTS?! I don't know but it was cute. They were all so cute!

I did not watch any of Bindi Irwin's performances and I'm sure she was amazing but I wish Nick would have won just so that his partner Sharna would finally win a mirror ball award -- all of this from someone who has never seen a DWTS episode completely and has only seen Nick Carter perform. 

And finally, because the lovely, Christy is hosting a friending meme, please go and support below:

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