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Because I can't go to sleep with Zodiac on my mind

The roommates decided to watch Zodiac tonight and I had never seen it even if had Jake Gyllenhaal (love of my life) in it. It was a great movie but now I realised why i haven't seen it. It's heavy stuff! Amazing but disturbing and now, Hannah and I are sleeping with our doors open just so we can check in on each other.

And so to distract myself, i thought, well, I should put YouTube on. And voila, here I am. Spiralling. 

The intro was pretty long and dragging but if only to see Luke Evans sing, I would say this was worth it. I mean, yes we knew he could sing. He is Gaston. But seeing him in normal people clothes with normal hair and just looking FIIIIIINE, and then singing serenading me? Yes, yes please.

Disney + Marvel have had busy months with the release of their big movie trailers and I have to say, I'm quite intrigued by Black Panther. I would not kick Chadwick Boseman out of anywhere and it's nice to see a bit more of the character that was introduced in those other Marvel films (I honestly forget which one). Also, Michael B. Jordan with dreadlocks? I don't mind.

Oh look, Star Wars is here, too! The Christmas season is sure to have lots of things to look forward to and it doesn't hurt that Daisy Ridley is adorable in things. So it should be fun to see the film and all the press everyone will be doing for it, too. Paging Oscar Isaac. I can't wait till he does the talkshow rounds.

I really like this series Vanity Fair is doing where celebrities hijack someone's Tinder profile and having been off Tinder for quite some time, I wouldn't say not to Megan Mullally chatting up random boys for me. Actually, my friend Sayaka used to do this for me and I miss her, too. Instead of getting sad over that, let's laugh with Megan. I wish I were this funny.

Oh to be young again! It always makes me feel old to watch a show about high school kids but I can't help myself. The cast is pretty and the show is pretty interesting and it's a pretty good mystery adaptation considering the Archie Comics I read growing up was nothing like Riverdale. But hey, why not. Here they are being pretty and adorable. I ship them all.

And finally from young folks to AGELESS GODDESSES. Holy cow. I wasn't ever like a major J.Lo fan but this clip of her performing at Somos Una Voz which was a great fundraiser telethon just left me feeling both old and useless. WOW. I want to have 1/100th of her energy, please. The moves. That body! All in heels.  She looks AMAZING.


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