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12 of 12: When I'm finally back to following the rules~

It's been month after month of semi-travel to actual work travel to just me wanting to show you more interesting days. The funny thing about this month was that I woke up on the 11th of the month, CONVINCED that it was the 12th.

I even felt annoyed at myself for starting taking photos late and forgetting to do so for a bit in the middle of the day. By the evening, I went for a run and when I got back home past midnight, I check my phone and realise. Oh wait. The 12th JUST started. And so here are photos from the second day I tried to make my day more interesting. I can't say I was successful. 


  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month 
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12
Oh look, it's the 12th!

01. 12:12 am, Tanjong Katong
I'm still on this horribly long 21KM run training and I don't know how I'll ever survive 21KM. Also, the NIKE app somehow deleted my training schedule and becuase I refuse to start from scratch, I'm going to just add a kilometer every week till I reach 21KM. 

02. 2:02 am, my room
I try to draw a daily card from the beautiful Jane Austen tarot deck but sometimes I fall behind and so here I am catching up on the card of the day before heading to bed. I will regret sleeping this late like I always do everyday and yet I do nothing about it.

03. 10:05 am, my room
It's a work from home kind of day because a) I'm not feeling very well and b) I have an actual doctor's appointment but the calendar looks manageable and the morning tasks are out of the way (reports, trackers and whatnot). I am grateful for this kind of flexibility.

04. 10:45 am, my room
And I'm off to the hospital to get my MRI results and because I was unsure of the results, I thought I might as well look polished when I get whatever they are. I love this jumpsuit from Uniqlo even if I'm generally not a jumpsuit fan. I feel very grown-up in it.

05. 11:24 am, on the road to Mount Alvernia
There was a time when Eva Chen would do these and she had the most fabulous bags and shoes. This is the exact opposite with the most basic bag and shoe combination against a black seat and so I'm surprised I can decipher anything at all. Oh well, I tried.

06. 12:23 pm, Mount Alvernia
All clear! I don't know what these scans mean but the doctor said it was good and it looks pretty cool to see my face all scanned. I honestly don't know which is which but I have 9 plates of scans that all say good things apparently. Not great things, but not HORRIBLE things so all in all, A+

And more from my day

07. 12:46 pm, KFC
To celebrate the wonderful news, I decide to have KFC for lunch. But wait, I also have KFC when I don't feel good, so basically it's just a normal day for KFC. I am obsessed with their chicken. I love fried chicken. They have great chicken. It's a win-win to be honest.

08. 12:56 pm, Tanjong Katong
I just wanted to show you the pretty walkway outside the building. I don't really get to walk around here much or appreciate the foliage much but when I do get to walk by, I like how green and shady it can be despite the blaring sun. I should take more walks around the block just because.

09. 1:27 pm, the dining room
I usually eat in my room, on my desk but I thought today would be a dining room kind of day complete with Riverdale in the background to keep me company. I'm so happy this show is back. I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much but I guess I will forever be the target market of the CW.

10. 6:37 pm, my room
the lack of travel has definitely hampered my progress on this blanket/throw but I'm determined to finish it even if i have to force myself to do a couple of rows a day. I try and fail every day but I hope to finish it by the end of the month. Fingers crossed for me, please.

11. 9:06 pm, Keisuke Ramen
out of nowhere, the roomies decide to have dinner together and so we all jump in a car for the quickest drive ever (it was raining) to the second nearest mall. I don't mind ramen at all but I never seem to be able to finish the noodles. It was a great meal though and a nice surprise.

12. 10:46 pm, the living room
And for more roommate bonding, we play 7 Wonders, a game I still don't quite understand and somehow won a round of because of the wonderful coaching. I have to do a lot of thinking in this game but I'll get the hang of it eventually, I think. I don't mind the winning part.


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