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Currently: September 2017

I can't complain too much about September because I started and ended the month with wonderful trips back home -- the first one on a whim and the second one because I had to but I definitely wanted to. 

And in between were lots and lots of friend time both in Singapore and in Manila. Just what the doctor ordered -- well among other things!

Oh hello, September

It was so nice to see my parents after forever (technically June but still!) and see my room and see the dogs and see our helpers and just everyone back home. Also so nice to catch up with some friends from my old work and from high school and just hang out. Manila was a blast.

I also somehow ended up playing this crazy game at Camp Kilo where you throw bags of sand into a hole. I still don't know how the game was scored but we'd always come from behind and come up short. But fun nevertheless!

Quarterly presentations to the big boss are always stressful but we tried to make the most fun out of it. And with some retail therapy in between, it was nice to see faces of people you only speak to on Slack on a daily basis.

After what felt like forever, I had brunch with all the siblings again. My brother and his wife just got back from their honeymoon and we were all traveling so it was lovely to be back in SG and visit a cafe I hadn't been to before (even if in my head, I already had).

Over-all an awesome month for being social and seeing lovely familiar faces. I need to be better at this though. 

Loving: This is going to be TMI and kind of gross but one of the things my doctor asked me to do every day, twice a day is the sinus flush. That's right. I shoot water up one nostril and it goes out the other nostril. And at first it was strange and weird but then I got addicted -- don't worry, it's just saline. BUT STILL! My nose hasn't felt this clean or fresh or clear. 

Reading: I'm not even kidding. This is how bad I am at reading this year when I've spent most of the month going through the 2018 IKEA Catalogue. I don't even have a home to furnish or decorate. My room is already packed! But it doesn't stop me from browsing this awesome catalog. I wish I could live in a purely IKEA home.

Watching: Fall TV season is upon us! And though not all the shows have started yet, I've picked up on Star Trek: Discovery and I wouldn't consider myself a Trekkie by any measure -- even if I've seen all the movies. I've seen a couple episodes and it's slowly growing on me! I approve!

Listening to: There's a lot of me listening to my brother's wonderful music. I will never stop pimping it. But I also listened to other things, shockingly! It's been released a while but Bleachers album, Gone Now is pretty amazing. I've been a fan and though I haven't raved about it before, I'm doing so now. 

Working On: Getting serious about the half-marathon. I'm reaching the 15KM mark and I honestly don't want to go on -- even if I have to do 6KM more. I signed up for a 10K in October just so that I don't shock the system too much but I really don't know how I'm going to do the last 6KM. I'm already tired. 

Anticipating: Getting into the groove in this newish role. I'm never good at being the new girl. Same company, new role always freaks me out so I'm anticipating a steep learning curve and being more forgiving to myself when I don't know all the answers (and I never will). It's just difficult not to be hard on myself when the person I'm replacing literally birthed this project. So I hope I can fill in the shoes. 


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