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Hello, friends! I'm late to this but I never forget (I have that checklist after all). September flew by pretty quickly and I'll get into more of that in the next entry but for now, I welcome you to my monthly blackhole of YouTube videos. 

Lots of throwbacks to old crushes and old TV shows but lots of new things, too! Fall TV is upon us after all! I don't think I'll be able to watch half of these but fun to preview, nevertheless.

I remember Jake as one of my first intense teenage crushes and it's so fun to see him do the rounds of talkshows for his new movie coming out on the Boston Marathon bombing. He's pretty chill on talk shows, never quite being too all out but still hamming it up. I like. A lot.

Also in the annals of old crushes, Zac Efron showed up on Vogue's 73 questions and I always wonder how authentic these things are but it's so fun to follow these stars and I get all fangirl-y and remember my roots of when i'd stalk these celebs. I wish I still had the energy. 

While I wait for The Crown to return to me, here's a delightful trailer of a slightly depressing but uplifting movie starring Claire Foy and another of old crushes, Andrew Garfield. I feel this movie will be depressing cause it can't end too happily but it's a period piece and Claire looks gorgeous.

We move to TV this fall and I'm very very excited for the Will & Grace revival. This was particularly cringe-y at first as is most of Jimmy Fallon's segments (enjoyable but sometimes bordering on cringe) but it's just so nice to see the foursome back together, I'll sit through it 

Somehow I'm worried for the lifespan of this show (no pun intended) but it's pretty interesting premise. I'm just not sure how they're going to stretch the life of it. But Lucy Hale has always been cute and always has great outfits. And the boyfriend character is played by a very handsome actor with an accent so my curiosity has been piqued for sure. 

Another of the 'will this last show' stars the endearing Jenna Fischer and again, pretty cute premise so I hope it lasts a bit. It's nice to see Pam, I mean Jenna on screen again. I didn't realise she was of the demographic that would have grown kids/going through a divorce already but hey, let's see how this goes.

I'm sorry. I have a weakness for Logan/Cary, Matt Czuchry. I can't help it. i watched The Good Wife for him. I wonder if he'll be playing the same kind of character with the cockiness and flawed Casanova angle. Oh wait, that's exactly who they're portraying. It's all good. I will bite.

It's so strange seeing Freddie Highmore graduate from Bates Motel, which I didn't watch but had friends who did and so I felt like i watched it, too. Also, what's up with the multiple doctor shows this season? I know there are always a bunch of them so I guess it's a battle to see who outlasts the other. 

I didn't know this thing was a thing but now that I know, I'm subscribing to the entire channel! Plus, Bleachers had a pretty good album this year and it's acoustic versions of albums are a weakness. 

Speaking of acoustic versions, I don't know why but I've suddenly gone on a Demi Lovato spiral. Her vocals are pretty powerful and I'm always a supporter of the underdog (to whom, I'm not sure) but she feels good to root for. 


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