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The world moves on, another day, another drama

It's that time of the month when I rabbit hole down YouTube and it's a mixed bag because I'm a mixed bag of emotions right now. It's pretty crazy how August is winding down though. I did not think this month would be this rollercoaster-y. But more on the month with the next entry. For now, I present a blackhole. You're welcome.

You know this was going to be here. To be honest, when the song first came out, I wasn't so sold on it. I don't like vindictive!Taylor. I like mushy, heartbroken, sappy!Taylor and I felt like I needed it now more than ever. But the video came out and it became little more palatable. There are apparently ten million easter eggs in this video, but all I'm really looking forward to is the rest of the album.

I've been watching Friends from College and it's so strange to see Keegan-Michael Key separate from Jordan Peele but also pretty interesting to see how their careers are post-show. I know this is a little old but it's definitely appropriate given the craziness happening in the world right now. I wonder what Luther would say/think/act this week.

This is both scary and interesting but mostly scary and though John Oliver makes it all sound funny, but also soberingly terrifying. Other than my brothers being in California, Japan and Korea are so damn near Asia and just the consequences of any of this makes me very very anxious. Thank goodness the hilarity distracts you, but only for a bit.

I can't watch boxing matches because I can't do the blood and gore but I always try and watch whomever sings the National Anthem (whether the Philippine one for Pacquiao fights or the US one for anything else). And I'm not Demi Lovato's biggest fan and she got some flack for it being too long but I thought it was pretty amazing. Who knew! There were some pitchy parts (hello, Randy Jackson is that you?) but over-all goosebumps-ish.

And finally, a teaser for the second season of The Crown which brings me excitement to no end with those shots of Matthew Goode, Michael C. Hall and just having this back in my life makes me a very very happy camper. I cannot wait. I sense so much drama though. I need a bit of happiness!!!


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