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Can't ever be a model

Last day of sembreak and I still have loads of work to do. So what's new, right?

It pays to have a cousin who also happens to be a photographer. My very camera-friendly family can snap shots anytime we want, profesionally done at that. And because we camera fiends were feeling bored yesterday, what a better way to spend the afternoon, than moonlighting as models at his Makati studio, right?

The thing is, I don't feel like such a model. Compared to my cousins, I'm not very comfortable being in front of the camera. I'm cool being behind it, but I'm not the photographer too. So it was unnerving to say the least. Still, spending time with people I absolutely love being around is no problem for me. My cousins are probably the best bunch to hang out with ever.

Last year, before Guel left, we had another impromptu photo shoot. This year, PB is the one leaving, so it's turning out to be a sort of tradition. Pamy, Jeannie and Niq were such camera-philes that they're solo pictures came out really great. I have yet to be comfortable with the lens to produce such kinds of pictures.

And just like models do, I had my very own hobby backstage. I was crocheting Bianca's scarf non-stop. My dad was already making fun of me because in every picture he took (a sort of behind the scenes type of documentary by him), I was always crouched doing the freaking scarf.

Nevertheless, I had fun and that's all that matters. Here's a preview of the wanna-be models. These are the pictures my dad took. The ones the professional, Niko took are still being tweaked I guess. When he's done with my pics, I'll look like Gwyneth Paltrow already. Yeah baby!

Oh crap, I've got class tomorrow. That's not good.
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