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12 of 12: When I once again loosely define the 12th in Yangon

So by now, you've seen a pattern of me ignoring entirely the concept of this meme and instead letting it loosely define how I want to update. And this month, I happen to be in Yangon, Myanmar for the 12th of the month.

Yangon is my sort of new assignment for work and I'll be traveling to this place weekly. I haven't really been here before so I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. Here's to more pleasant surprises in the weeks to come.


  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month Cheating~ I know!
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12
Hello, Yangon

01. July 11, 8:30 am  Somewhere in the sky

I'm happy to have made it to my flight -- it was at 730 and I wanted to be at the airport by 530 but i woke up at 545 so it's a miracle altogether that I made it anyway. And now we're flying over some part of Myanmar that I am yet to be familiar with. Also, I'm not used to the 2.5 hour flight.

02. July 11, 9:50 am People's Park & Square

En route to the hotel, Yangon reminds me of Cebu, Philippines. Laid back but still a city and though I probably won't get much exploring done during my visits, it's nice to drive through smooth roads and not too crazy traffic. I hope I haven't jinxed the latter portion just yet.

03. July 11, 7:27 pm  Sharky's

It's only 7:27 but my body feels like it's 9pm and that's because it is in Singapore. It's time for dinner though and it's nice to be taken to places that the locals know and happen to be near the office. This has lots of potential just because it's walkable from the office.

04. July 11, 9:43 pm  Hotel

Hello, new home ish for the next couple of weekdays. It's definitely not as HUGE as the Jakarta accommodations and to as near to the office (we need to take a car that takes like 5 minutes but still). The bed is comfy enough, we have CNN, I am clearly good to go. I also turned the AC off because I was cold.

05. July 12, 8:09 am  Hotel

Unfortunatley, I didn't get the good view of the Pagoda across the street on the other side of the hotel. Instead, I get the empty fields complete with screaming dogs and fighting cats at night, but it'snot bad. I like seeing all this green and open space. I'm not quite used to it.

06. July 12, 8:58 am  Hotel

Oh look, breakfast. There weren't any beans but there was bacon. So it's bacon, eggs and a croissant for me. Still not as great as the Jakarta breakfast but I'm sure I'll make do. After all in Singapore, I don't eat breakfast at all. I'll take this any day of the week.

Goodbye, Yangon

07. July 12, 10:41 am  Office

And so I am forever desk-less. The hot desk system works for me in a sense that I'm never truly assigned a seat anywhere. I miss having my desk and stuff but I've long discovered that someone will just take over the same they did with my fake space in the Singapore office. Hello, new place for now.

08. July 12, 8:19 pm  Harry's

Look! There's a Harry's bar. I had a salad in the hopes it would be light. But no, it was heavy with mayonnaise. Not that I wasn't a fan but I was just really full by the end of the evening. Happy to have some salmon and some fries and one mojito. It is after all a school night.

09. July 13, 7:25 am  Hotel

Oh look, it's the person I sleep to and wake up to. Hello, Anderson Cooper. Hello, CNN. It's nice to have this noise in the background and occasionally I'll pay attention. But wow, just when you think things couldn't get batshit crazier, they do. This is a reality show except it's real life.

10. July 13, 3:40 pm  Denko

So near the office is an extremely long queue for petrol at the station. Apparently, this is one of the few petrol brands that doesn't dilute their gasoline so there's always a long line leading to it. Also, even if the cars are right hand drive, they drive on the other side of the road. It's confusing.

11. July 13, 6:34 pm  Yangon International Airport

And hello to my new airport hangout. I was told that there is a KFC in the other terminal but not this one. It was nice to have so many of us returning to Singapore though on the same flight. This didn't usually happen to me in Jakarta but now, there were five of us heading back. 

12. July 13, 8:13 pm  Somewhere in the sky

And something I never avail of when I'm flying alone on a budget flight is food so I'll always take what's on offer when I can. And Pasta rigatoni is my go to on Jetstar. It's vegetarian but shockingly, I really enjoy it. No, I still love my meat. It's just the best thing I've tasted on the menu.


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