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Currently: June 2017

WOW. Just wow. I'm shocked I'm still standing at the end of June because this month was INSANE. From my moving houses to kick off the month, to friends giving birth to an adorable baby girl, to friends getting married in India, to friends coming over for an exhibition, to siblings getting married again (same wife, new ceremony) which means ceremony in Bali, sangeet (so much dancing) in Singapore and that also means FAMILY coming over -- like everyone. 

Oh and I'm still working (though this was the first month in forever where I didn't have to travel to Jakarta so much) and we had this insane presentation to our CEO and it was my first time to present to him and it's just WHAAAAAT.

But also, one half of 2017 is over. What have I done with my life? Not much, but I'm just glad I'm alive after June. That was crazy.

How am I still standing after all this?

Loving: My new room. Yes, I loved having my family over to visit and my brother getting married (again to the same girl) and just all the wonderful things that happened in June but on a very selfish note, at the beginning of the month, I moved rooms and I wasn't sure about my final pick (after seeing 10 rooms) but I'm pretty satisfied with the place and I'm looking forward to exploring the neighbourhood more.

Reading: I'm still not reading as much as I used to. And this is very disappointing to me. But I've picked up KT Heaney's Public Relations which I'm pretty psyched to read and I'm finishing V.E. Schwabb's A Conjuring of Light so slowly, I'm going to get back in there. Perhaps now that June has settled down, I can finally get back to reading? I hope so.

Watching: I'll admit I also haven't been watching much TV and I'm only finally caught up again on iZombie after forever. So it was interesting to see these new shows that I have not heard off but look good in theory. Harlots because period piece and sounds racy. Riviera because Julia Stiles and scandalous deaths and rich people and Lena Olin -- Mama Bristow and Iwan Rheon because Misfits forever!!! Then there's SS-GB because British! And Spies! And period piece! I'm easy. 

Listening to: So. Lorde's album. Is pretty great. And I've been looking forward to this for ages and I'm glad she released it this year and I'm just glad all my favourites are coming out of the woodwork. I'm going to have to give it 10000x more listens to root out my favourites but I'm pretty satisfied with it on the first few listens and you know I'll be repeating it many many more times.

Working On: Getting back into the groove of work-work and just my usual patterns and routines. I've finally caught up on all the birthday cards I never sent out and I'm back to work-work (meaning traveling to Jakarta next week and Myanmar the next) but that's ok. It's ok to focus back on work after the craziness of balancing both family and work in June. I don't know how married people or people with kids do it. I can only do one at a time.

Anticipating: My half-marathon training. As I've probably mentioned before, I barely survived my 10K last December so I'm not sure what possessed me to sign up for a 21.1K this December. So I'm going to try and be serious about training and I'm not looking forward to it -- more dreading it, but it shouldn't be too bad.


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