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And now for your scheduled YouTube spiral

And it's that time of the month when I go into my scheduled spiral. To be honest, I don't spend all that much time on YouTube. I should be more vigilant about noting all the crazy videos I watch but it's alright. This is the condensed, SFW version so that's ok.

There's been a lot of shiz going on with US Politics and though I'm not necessarily affected directly, I've gotten to listening to more podcasts and as always, watching more Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. His episodes are getting even better and better. Love him.

I kind of stopped watching Quantico because the show got too bananas for me but I love watching Priyanka Chopra and I kind of want to be her and just be her best friend and yes, I'm girl crushing. She's adorable.

So Lorde's album is pretty fantastic and I'm glad it's out and I'm really enjoying seeing her do the rounds of the shows to promote the album. I also need more music videos from her but definitely entering album of the year territory.

Finally, there is Pitch Perfect 3. I wasn't sure why there was a need for 3 but 2 was still fun somehow. I hope this one is actually not too bad. It would be a shame if it ended on a sour note.


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