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Currently: May 2017

May went by like the blink of an eye. I was able to get out to Ho Chi Minh but I was also able to stay in Singapore a bit more (no thanks to my ear glue aka otitis media). I also saw friends (from my old job) and hung out with my siblings and just tried to make the most of the month that I Really didn't feel that much.

Loving: Finding other ways to get active. Apart from the running and the yoga, we ended up going to Pulau Ubin one early Saturday morning to go biking! Which I'm horrible at but it was fun. I also tried Aqua Biking (Which also killed me) in Ho Chi Minh but it was interesting. Then of course there's the Sangeet dance practices. More on that later.

Reading: I've started the last in the series of Lara Jean books, Always and Forever, Lara Jean. I haven't read YA in a while so it's taking me a while (or having read for that matter but it should be fun to dive back into her world especially since she's also a middle child like me.

Watching: I'm catching up on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt so that I can continue on to season 3. Season 2 was pretty fun and I'm really into Titus/Mikey. I hope they stay together and are featured more in Season 3. Also, I need more Jon Hamm in my life. His cameos are too short.

Listening To: Music this month is brought to you by the Letter H. Haim because maybe is my source of music now. Super fun. Harry Styes because it's actually a pretty interesting album and it makes me miss One Direction but I'll deal. Halsley thanks to Twitter. Yes, to the letter H.

Working On: Packing up my life. I'm moving rooms after 2 years and 2 months in my current room and after 10 million viewings of rooms around the island, i've finally settled on a room on the 14th floor with a French Phd student and an Israeli sales person. I hope things work out leaving my safe cocoon of Filipino friends. I can't believe I've accumulated 5 boxes worth of things considering I came to SG with just 2 bags.

Anticipating: My entire family coming over for my brother's wedding! It's in a couple of weeks and we've been practicing every Sunday afternoon for the Sangeet. So I'm both scared and excited, but mostly just psyched to see my brothers and sisters again all complete after 1 year apart.

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