Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Hello, YouTube, my friend

And it's that time of the month (let's face it, it's true), where I'm in bed and just going video after video after video. I'm not ashamed. I'm not proud. It's just the reality of things.

Yes, it's long and yes, not everyone's a fan of Facebook but I thought it was a pretty good speech. Although I"m not a Harvard graduate so perhaps they weren't very entertained, but I was inspired for a second. Inspired to go back to bed, sure, but still inspired.

In other Harvard commencement exercises, we get the very very entertaining Din and Tonics doing a medley of the best John Williams scores ever. I'm enthralled. I'm enamoured. I'm all the LJ moods we barely use. It's awesome. He looks so freaking delighted as he should be.

Let me preface this by saying I don't cook. at all. But Goodful does these amazingly short videos that make you think you could do it (you can't). And so I end up wishing I did cook (I won't) and salivate over these lovely things. I can go video after video after video.

Thanks to maybe for bringing to my attention the fact that Carly Rae had a new song. I wish it were an entire album of course and I was hoping for a video but I'll take this new song any day.

And finally, I wish I could dance like this but I've been suckered into watching dance after dance after dance of these amazing folks who can move so well. It's crazy. I'm so jealous.

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