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12 of 12: When I stretched the meaning of the 12th to the entire weekend in Ho Chi Minh

because it's now my monthly ritual to cheat on this, here goes my 2 days after the 12th where I went to visit my friend, Sayaka in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. IT's a really quick plane ride from Singapore and yet I've only visited her once since she left Singapore. So this would be my second trip to visit her after 1 year. Pretty sad but I was pretty glad to see her and Rokas and hang out for the weekend.

But because I'm feeling like I still need some 12th, I took half the photos on the actual day of the 12th which was a Friday when I had to run some health errands and then work (which you don't see) and then off to the airport in the evening. Good times.

- Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month Cheating~ I know!
- Post the pictures chronological order
- Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
- Taken from Chad at 12 of 12
01. April 12, 09:06am, Nobel Clinic
So this was the actual 12th where I finally saw a specialist for my recurring partial deafness. Of course, I just thought this was in my head and I was being crazy but apparently, there's so much wrong with me. From my adenoids being infected to my tonsils being too large to my right nose cartilage being bent to my actual ear glue.

02. April 12, 10:06am, Mount Alvernia Hospital
And so I'm tasked with taking a shit load of drugs twice a day for 7 days to see if things get better. honestly, I'm more glad to be diagnosed and now at least I know there is something wrong rather than me wondering why my ears just stopped popping.

03. April 12, 11:26am, Hearing Partners, Orchard
And for more tests. I am officially mildly deaf in my right ear. the thing is, my hearing has been the best it's been these past few months so imagine if I took this hearing test during the craziest point of my deafness. I might have flunked completely.

04. April 12, 11:56am, Lucky Plaza
And it's raining and I have to get back to work. Thank goodness for the efficient transport system and of course, cabs and rideshares. I swear, I'm so spoiled in this country with the many transport options.

05. April 12, 06:26pm, Changi Airport
And it's off to the airport after finishing my report and presenting it as a draft. I've never seen this many folks in Changi trying to enter immigrations. Usually, the lines are manageable. Of course, this is moving but wow, I can't believe this is Changi/

06. April 12, 06:34pm, Changi Airport
And for my obligatory meal at the airport. Kopi Ping and kaya toast and a selfie for my mom whom I always send photos of food that I'm eating to. I really love this combination and I could have it everyday if it wasn't this unhealthy. All that butter.

07. April 13, 07:51am, Tous Le Jours
So I'm told by Sayaka that we'll be attending Aquabiking at 8:30 am. This is personally the earliest I'll ever be up on a Saturday afternoon but hey, I'm game. We stop for some grub before heading over and I'm so happy for croissants and coffee.

08. April 13, 9:38am, Aquabiking Saigon
that was the craziest workout of my life. You supposedly don't feel it the next day but biking under water and doing weights and standing up and down the bike is not my idea of fun but it was an interesting experience. Maybe if I were more mentally prepared.

09. April 13, 10:06am, Phuong Thao Dien
I love that Sayaka and Rokas have been here for a year so they've settled into their favourite places for breakfast and this place was pretty good. I had some beans and eggs! My usual breakfast.

10. April 13, 02:41pm, Chuck's Burgers
And because there's nothing we love more than eating, after a short stop at home, it's back out to eat some more. These burgers were pretty awesome. And the soft tacos we got on the side was definitely worth it.

11. April 14, 01:40am, The Intercon
My last day was devoted to the champagne brunch that wouldn't end. There were a bunch of new folks I met and they all seemed pretty fun. Including one of Sayaka's friend's dads who apparently worked for McDonalds APAC for the longest time. I had the dumbest questions for him but it was fun.

12. April 14, 03:47pm, The Intercon
And this was my last shot before I somehow went to a karaoke, went home, took a nap, woke up just in time (or a bit too late) for my flight and somehow made it to the airport and on my way back to Singapore. Crazy weekend.

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