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Currently: April 2017

April was pretty crazy despite there being less days than March. I also spent the 'least' amount of days in Jakarta (which made me really cherish the days I spent in Singapore). Plus, I had some pretty awesome trips this month -- one planned, the other unplanned. Here's to quasi-spontaneity.

Loving: Taipei wasn't too bad! I would say I loved that it was unexpected and crept up on me when I least expected it. I love that I was able to spend time with my sister and that I was also able to travel to Hong Kong with friends. Seriously a good time. I need more of this in my life.

Reading: I'm really bad at reading these days. I started All the Lives I want and it's been a series of interesting essays. I really need to get more serious about reading. I'm definitely not going to reach last year's record but also, I'm scared I wont even reach my 12 book goal. Pathetic. I blame podcasts and Tsum Tsum!

Watching: I'm catching up with Grace and Frankie and it's such a joy to watch. All the characters are so funny and amazing and I just want to grow old like them minus the gay husband portion. I'm also pretty excited about The Handmaiden's Tale as depressing and realistic it's getting.

Listening To: Lots and lots of John Mayer. The entire album was pretty much on repeat but ALSO, my wonderfully talented brother, Pietro worked on an EP and I have to say, from an objective third party bystander, it's pretty damn awesome. I wish I were this creative and could channel my energy toward something tangible

Working On: Still my fitness. Not only did I hike this month but I also signed up for a half-marathon in December. The hikes in Hong Kong and Taiwan killed my legs for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 1 week. How insane is that? I need to get better at this. Also, I need to start training for the half-marathon. Sure, it's in December but I barely survived the 10K last year. What have I done?

Anticipating: My weekend in Vietnam next month! Totally unplanned too (you get a pattern here?) It's been a year plus since I've seen Sayaka and since I had nothing~ planned in May thus far, it would be nice to actually see her again even for a bit. So much for that plan of seeing her every month when she left.

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