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Currently: March 2017

Ending Q1 with March was pretty intense. So much happening, so many things to do and just very quickly how time flies. It's also the end of birthday season (for the time being) with my siblings finishing their birthdays but it's been a pretty good quarter. Hello, 2017 Quarter 2. Please be kinder.

Loving: Weekends in Singapore. After 3 months flying back and forth from Jakarta to Singapore, I've grown to really enjoy my weekends back in the city. Sure, I'm barely at home now, and I miss napping, but I feel like i have to make the most of my weekends and it's good to be back.

Reading: It's a shame that I haven't gotten to reading any more this year but I have been up to date with my magazines and online articles and I'm still enjoying Fast Company if only to aspire to be featured in it one day. And this Guardian piece on Queen Elizabeth's burial plans. Pretty intense. Can anyone recommend a nice book though?

Watching: I caught Big Little Lies and though I haven't read the book, the TV show was pretty amazing. I'm now tempted to read the book. I'm still doing my Drop Dead Diva catch up too and it's always so inane the plot lines, but always good.

Listening to: I haven't been able to listen to much music this month but I did get to listen to more podcasts and because I'm a Crooked Media whore, I'm also listening to Jon Lovett's Lovett or Leave It and it's made the travel time in ID go by really quickly.

Working on: i actually finished my Q1 goal for the amount of kilometres to log in my running and I'm pretty shocked. I hope I can sustain this. It helps being in Jakarta and having a gym and nothing else to do. Here's to more kilometres in quarter 2.

Anticipating: Quarter 2 is bound to be crazy, still, there's lots to look forward to like going to Taipei for the first time in April. I'm pretty excited but also a bit wary of all the work but hey, that's for another day.

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