Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Things I didn't know were happening but making me excited

So today is a holiday in Jakarta but not in Singapore (where I'm technically men employee) or in Malaysia (where my boss is based) or in the Philippines (where my boss is currently at). So I'm not sure what today is.

This got me excited though, seeing it on my list.

I didn't even know there was a new season of iZombie coming out. This show feels like it's been gone for way too long. I don't know how I've managed without it but I'm glad to have it back.

Also, it's been years and the video is right because the Love Actually cast looks pretty good. And I disagree and think Colin Firth has aged superbly. Andrew Lincoln isn't bad either.

I also didn't know that Jake was having a movie with Ryan Reynolds and that they were bestie now. I'm not sure what Life is going to be about but their promotional tour for the movie has been pretty cute.

And probably the oldest video here but in promotion for The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling went on Ellen and I love it when Ellen brings this game out. Yes, Ellen, yes. Interesting how Dev Patel > everyone. Not bad.

Tags: izombie, jake gyllenhaal, love actually, mindy kaling, videos

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