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Currently: February 2017

My birthday month is always a fun one just because I look forward to my birthday, my favourite non-official holiday of the year. And though it's the shortest month, it was also a pretty packed one with lots of travel for work (I'm still not used to it) and making the most of the weekend.

Loving: Hong Kong. Before I moved to Singapore, I had this fantasy of moving to Hong Kong. Except that I didn't have siblings whose couch I could crash on and I don't speak any Chinese which seems more needed there. So this quick weekend trip to Hong Kong with Lou on my birthday was amazing. I'm still on a high and can't wait to go back.

Reading: I'm pretty slow on the reading front cause I've been spending zero time on trains and now walk to work but I should get back to it considering how long I spend in traffic (though I'm working while on the road) or in the airport (still working). I'm still reading The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker and it's really interesting but it's taking me some time.

Watching: So The Good Fight is amazing and I'm so glad Christine Baranski is back in my life. I've loved the 3 episodes thus far and can't wait for more episodes. I do wish Cary Agos makes a comeback because I need him in my life.

Listening to: So John Mayer released Wave 2 - The Search for Everything and I'm just waiting for him to come up with the whole album but I'll take it anyway. I'm liking this sound a lot more than Paradise Valley and Born and Raised so I'm not complaining. I'm also listening to a shit ton of podcasts. Or at least way more than before. Despite my non-American passport, I'm listening to a lot of Pod Save America and Pod Save the World, who knew I could work out to this.

Working on: Still on the ~jogging. Second month in and I've been sequestered in Jakarta so it's running after work before I retire to the room and have McDonalds for dinner. So clearly, I need to work on the eating healthier bit but I've been doing my 12K per week and that's a shock, to me. I hope I can continue all throughout the year.

Anticipating: Friends visiting in March! Koko and Macy and Marla and Anton (colleagues from my work in Manila and over-all awesome people!!!) are coming to visit for a couple days in March and though I'll be in JKT for a bit of it, I'm so excited to fly back and hang out with them for a while -- haven't seen them since November. I can't wait!

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