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Almost Over

The sembreak is nearly over and I still feel as if I haven't lived it up.

Sure, I sleep early -- with the exception of tonight -- and I wake up late, so who am I to complain right? I guess, I just really want to experience the real break : SUMMER. According to my countdown clock, I've got 139 days, 1 hour, 16 minutes and counting till the day of graduation. And as redundant as I sound, I just can't wait to graduate.

Sure, I'm worried about college and all that future crap, but at this point, I can't really do much about it. I've taken the UPCAT, the USTET, and the ACET. The SAT's are somewhat of a longshot anyway, and the scholarship is just a dream, so right now, all I can do is just count down. And I know that I'm supposed to be enjoying my last few days of high school, but I think I'm all out of energy to enjoy.

I'm going to miss my friends for sure, but I'm going to get over that too. School work won't be missed and I sure as crap won't pine for IW, so can't the remaining five sessions just please whiz by me?

It doesn't exactly help that PB is now on his break -- an extended sembreak at that. Since he'll be starting third year in Singapore again in January, my parents have let him take the rest of his school days off. That means, after my sembreak is over, his is still going on. When I am slaving away in school, he will be at home, enjoying and counning down the days till he leaves. Beautiful.

He deserves the rest, that's for sure. They're going to milk him for all he's worth when he's there, so I'm not that jealous. It just makes me feel sad that while he's at home enjoying, I'm in school, not enjoying, and not spending time with him.

We may get on each others nerves, but other than that, we're pretty cool to each other. I was actually planning on throwing him a little going away party with his friends, and he told me he didn't want one. I know I'm not supposed to get offended, but I guess it hurt because I was trying to be the nice older sister and trying to give him a little gift, but he didn't want one.

So, I guess instead of throwing him one, I'm just going to have to concentrate on school work, and count down till I can just get out. And PB? Well, I guess I still don't know what to do with him.
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