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11 of 11: when i entered my 30s

So for the first time ever, I spent my birthday on vacation. I've always wanted to do this and this year, I did! My 30th birthday on the 11th of the month was well-spent in Hong Kong with my good friend, Lou.

It felt different and strange but also fun and new and hopefully a good omen to the start of my 30s. I am 30. It's hard to believe.

- Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
- Post the pictures chronological order
- Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
- Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

01. 09:16am, hotel
I wake up to a lovely breakfast surprise from Lou! First off, she woke up way too early and set out to bring back coffee and a croissant and it was just a nice and perfect way to start the day.

02. 10:20am, Hennessy Road
And because I'm trying to catch up on my kilometres this month and because I always try to jog when I'm away from Singapore just to get that map pin on. But it was nice to start 'healthy' and a quick 3.5K jog around the city centre was difficult but fun.

03. 12:29pm, Wan Chai MTR station
and we're off. We're so lazy that we got saved from a molotov cocktail incident on the train the day before and now we're off to do nothing in particular but have fun nevertheless. I wish the MTR had English audio.

04. 01:15pm, GOGYO
In my quest to have noodles (for long life) on my birthday, we tried taking a number for the extremely long queue at some Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant. But because I hate queues and love Japanese, why not go for ramen instead? All good!

05. 02:38pm, Kate Spade
And here we are in the black hole that is this store. It's always such a tempting place with the cutest details and it was such a tempting place. I probably went back to the store every time we passed it, and it was a lot. My resolve was weak.

06. 02:48pm, GROM
Even if they got my order wrong, it was great to have a cold snack in the very cold weather and just not care. I love getaways even if they end too quickly. Macadamia + lemon isn't the best combination but it was a really nice snack.

07. 03:33pm, COS
So other than the fact that this store is another black hole, more importantly, is Lou's bag. She got it as a wedding favour at a friend's wedding and it translates to, "The answer is love." which can be cheesy but also bring out the feels.

08. 04:04pm, AIA Carnival
We didn't actually head to the carnival and for the first time I didn't ride a flyer I saw but it was nice to to be out in the sunshine and cool weather and just revel and relax for a little bit. I love ferris wheels and I think they always add something lovely to the skyline.

09. 05:15pm, St. Francis Street
The lovely part about not travelling alone is sometimes I don't have to think of what to do. And Lou found this really charming little street with very hipster stores all in our neighbourhood! Not bad at all! This gallery/bookshop/cafe was too precious.

10. 06:19pm, hotel
As we get older, the body needs breaks from all the gallivanting so we take a pre-dinner break back at our hotel before heading out to dinner. And since Lou bought me a cheesecake, we do a pretend blowing of my candles right there. I can't imagine blowing out 30 candles.

11. 09:36pm, El Mercado
Because this trip had zero itinerary, we'd research places to eat while at the hotel and this place was a Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant that turned out pretty swell. All the tapas were amazing -- I wish we had eaten even more and the drinks were superb (doesn't hurt that the bartender was cute, too).

12. 12:11am, Pawn
So my bonus photo is from the day after technically but we decided t be hp and go to another bar after dinner and clearly, we were too tired to drink but still trying. It's all in the effort, I think. Not bad for my 30th.

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