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Currently: January 2017

It's cliche but time really does fly so quickly. We're done with January and that's 1/12th of the year 2017 down. It's pretty insane. January was insane in general for me, too.

Finding myself half the time in Jakarta (for the first time) and then half the time in Singapore with friends and family celebrating the new year (both Gregorian calendar and Lunar calendar ones) and just generally trying to be positive about the new year ahead.

Loving: The weather has been amazing but my weekdays in Jakarta has also forced me to make the most of my weekends in Singapore -- if I'm even in Singapore. I'm glad I was able to meet up with friends visiting (Blanche and Lou) and celebrating CNY with my siblings and extended family! And seeing friends I don't get to see too often (Ami and Rashi) and meeting more cousins and cousin's boyfriends (Patricia and Nikos!!!) It's been a pretty crazy January and I hope it only gets better.

Reading: I'm working my way through Roxanne Gay's Difficult Women and it's a bit heavy/sad/serious but I'm determined to finish it. I also totally missed V.E. Schwab's A Gathering of Shadows last year so I'm glad I got to finish it before the new one comes out this year.

Watching: So I just discovered Conviction and Hayley Atwell is so cute in it. I'm scared it's going to get cancelled, but I hope not. Also, Eddie Cahill is so cute. He is ageing so well. Sherlock's season was amazing. I feel it's going to be a very very long wait till the next one, but now I want to re-watch all the seasons in one go. I've been doing a lot of old family dramas like Parenthood and even older, Party of Five and it's been fun to have it on background.

Listening to: So John Mayer released a 4-track EP and I died. I want there to be more of this, please. And Josh Radin released an entire album and I'm already obsessed. Then, The XX released an album, too. So thank you, 2017 for starting off on a great note (literally) for albums.

Working On: Continuing my journaling and running. January was pretty good and I wrote almost every day or caught up 3 days past so that's good considering I haven't really journaled more than 3 lines a day in the past 6 years. I've exceeded my running target for the month and it must be out of boredom but I'll take it. I also went to more yoga classes than usual so I hope I can keep this up.

Anticipating: My birthday month! February always comes too early but also rightfully so and though there are only 28 days this year, it should be an interesting 28 days, still. I'm also counting down my last days of being in my twenties. Strange, but true. I still don't feel like an adult most of the time.

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